Age of Booty Trophy patch comes in February

Have you been sailing the seven seas, plundering towns and destroying ships, but wanted a bit more from Age of Booty? If you've said yes to this question, you'll be pleased to know that your buccaneering ways will be getting a definite improvement in about a month.

Capcom has told IGN that an upcoming patch for Age of Booty will provide new Avatar support for Xbox Live owners and Trophies for PS3 owners. The free patch will be released at the end of February, which will coincide with the release of the PC version of the game.

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Lucreto3560d ago

I played the demo of this and the noise of my subwoofer. I had it on a wooden floor so the noise traveled farther. It set my cats into a panic attack and ran around the house.

Anyway glad the game is getting trophies.

PirateThom3560d ago

Yeah, it's very, very bassy.

DrWan3560d ago

...maybe they will be retro?

4wire3559d ago

I'd like to play this with a friend in COOP, is this possible? Reviews are a bit vague on the online capabilities... Can we just be 2 or we have to be a minimum to play? will it become a one on one or we can play against NPCs?