Extreme Gamer - Game of the Year Awards 2008

Extreme Gamer writes: "Welcome, to the Extreme Gamer - Game of the Year Awards 2008. Again, I won't bore you with a paragraph long explanation of the games in 2008. We all know as gamers it has been an exceptional year with the next-generation consoles picking up more steam and the portables chugging along as normal. A few big names have returned to gaming in '08 include a number of first next-gen debuts. Here is the skinny on the best of '08. As always, thanks for all our readers, and contributors in the year that passed... Enjoy our run-down of the BEST GAMES of 2008."

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will113558d ago

Brown can turn around and yellow can be mellow

tharealest3558d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4
Tactical Espionage Action!

GEESE3558d ago

I honestly was looking forward to this game for so long,
but I quit playing less than 20% in.
The franchise has not aged well.