Extreme Gamer: 20 Most Anticipated titles of 2009

Extreme Gamer writes: "This is '09: After the gaming onslaught that is the 2008 holiday season I can finally catch up on a number of games I didn't have time for and look ahead to the new year of gaming. It might seem like 2008 exhausted all the good gaming titles, but that simply not the case. 2009 looks as strong as last year if not better for gaming. Even in this trying financial times and record number of studio closing, hope still shines in the horizon. Here is a look at 15 of the most anticipated titles scheduled for release in 2009. ** Not in order of importance... or are they?!"

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fishd3556d ago

When I look at these 'games of 2009' and the hard cold fact that team ico's game has not been shown yet,slap me in the face like a slippery fish....oh god my heart...

And for the love of god,what is wrong with these so called journalist,lol,Jaffee is not working on GOWIII,he has his own studio!

Ryudo3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Am just pissed Star Ocean 4 ain't on that list....

And who honestly wants to see prototype more then killzone 2.

MasFlowKiller3556d ago

Halo War number too? really? WHY? only because it has the Halo in its name? Hell if it was any other RTS it would not even be in the top 100

callahan093556d ago

I'm glad to see DC Universe Online on this list. That game is going to be awesome. I love the DC Universe and I love Jim Lee, and Sony Online Entertainment has a great pedigree in the MMO genre, so I'm very excited for it.

I'm surprised Star Ocean IV is not on the list, though.

Panthers3556d ago

Which is too bad because any great looking RTS would be on my top list. But Star Craft 2 should be higher than any Halo Wars

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ASSASSYN 36o3556d ago

Just give me Halo wars and operation flashpoint 2.

Ryudo3556d ago

I can't really see Halo Wars being any good. I mean when has a RTS ever worked well on a console?

JHUX3556d ago

Yeah when I think RTS on a console, that usually equals out into "fail", but with the team behind this I think it has a chance, although I really wish it would come out for PC. Although I don't like the Halo games, I love RTS games, and if it was on PC would definitely give it a shot. I have to believe it will eventually come out to PC, otherwise I don't see it having much success, at least compared to it's potential if it were released on 360/PC.

cayal3556d ago

I hope Splinter Cell becomes multi-plat...wait a minute I have a 360 as well.

SAiOSiN3556d ago

i really doubt we'll see gow3 and sc:c in 09. gow3=march 2010 (im pretty sure)

lelo3556d ago

List fails... where are the PC games?

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The story is too old to be commented.