Computer game (Wii Fit) helps girl walk again

Herald writes: "A YOUNG Wexford girl has learned to walk again thanks to her doctors -- and a computer game.

Nicole Cahill (10) from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, took her first steps in four years years at a New York hospital late last year.

Since returning home on December 14, Nicole has stunned family and friends with her progress and is now expected to walk unaided by the end of the year."

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thebudgetgamer3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

i bet this wont get mainstream press coverage
the power of gaming


amazingfluffman3558d ago

Great to see some good in the news!!

-GametimeUK-3558d ago

Amazing... Stuff like this puts a smile on my face

Elvfam5113558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Damn Gametime said something nice and gets disagree's seriously whoever disagree why

I'm glad she's walking again

buy a ps33558d ago

stories like this are the reason the wii sells so well. moms read them in magazines and go crazy for absolutely it.

andyo133558d ago

It was this type of media coverage that got my parents to buy it, the wii gets free advertising and the advertising is often incorrect (wii will help u get fit and healthy) this is assuming u spend ur time playing wii for a whole year u may lose a couple of pounds, unless u like playing wii boxing

AWBrawler3558d ago

You cold-hearted bastards! How the hell can you say something like that. there are things more important in this world than your little beef with Nintendo. This kid learned to walk again thanks to a game. thats good to here. Or are you bastards so cold-hearted that all you care about is your worhtless hunks of plastic that won't be able to sell for $50 on ebay in a couple of years.

Ratatosk mode off!

Stories like these put a smile on my face. I'm glad to hear gaming is actually helping people.

Ryudo3558d ago

Wii has entered phase 2 in its diabolical plan to rule the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.