Why console wars shouldn't matter writes "The console wars have been waging for a long time now and with both the PS3 and Xbox still in a heated Battle for sales I think it's safe to say that owners of either console can settle down and let the fat cats of the games industry settle this on their own."

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MasFlowKiller3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

NO as a gamer you go were the gaming is good

2007 the 360, 2008 the ps3 and 2009 as of now the ps3

I guess the gaming media forgot that the video game industry is the industry of video games.

Just look at the line up, all fanboy aside you go to the console that give you the best games, GAMES with and "S"

andyo133558d ago

half the time its the articles fighting with each other, if it wern't for horrible articles all the time im sure there wouldnt be such a strong disagreement between the 2 consumers.

Xbox Street Gang3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

2007- Sony, 2008- Sony, and 2009- Sony...


Powertesties3558d ago

Competition is what makes gaming such a great hobby. I love games and imagine what it would be like if there wasn't more than one console. You need to have both sides always trying to out do each other.

It is a must. It brings out quality and innovation.

As for my thoughts on the last few years, here goes.

2007, year of the 360 (PS3 was new and games were limited)
2008, year of the 360(PS3 still had problems with ports)
2009, wow, this is going to be tough. The PS3 really has some bangers in the works. Starting with Killzone 2. It is still too early to count the games that are not out yet and may not even be released this year. MS hasn't even released their list of games yet. If Sony can update the PS3 firmware, add some features and bring out some killer apps (and better multi-platform games) Sony just may take this year. We shall only see.

HDgamer3558d ago

No number one you sound like a fanboy and not a gamer. You don't go where the gaming is good otherwise you will be flip flopping harder than John Kerry in 2004 election. As a gamer you play all that is available, getting all the consoles and playing most of the games ignoring reviews or rants.


The Year of the Wiiiiiii LoLzzz

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Wise_Man3558d ago

• Its Human nature to fight and/or defend what we believe is right, War will always Exist.

Serjikal_Strike3558d ago

I think its wise to say 2009 will be the year of the ps3!

Rhoic3558d ago

I think it's wise to say who cares who's year it is..

The Rock3558d ago

The Rock likes to buy every console. Because of this every year is The Rocks year. Then The Rock can sit back and watch Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo layeth the smacketh down while The Rock enjoys the fruits of their competition. If any fanboy disagrees then The Rock says this:

You can take your controller, shine it up, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your Candy Ass.

If you smell what The Rock is cookin'

Graphics Whore3558d ago

It's always a double edged topic, competition ignites rivalry and competition accelerates productivity and the need for innovation. It's difficult to find the subtle balance however the fanaticism is almost totally independent because of the consumer body is dependent on the media medium, but the corporate entity usually has a very neutral voice (usually). It more or less just boils down to segregation: those who have one and not the other and those who have both.

The 'console war' matters, the pseudo stock broker internet feud however doesn't.

slave2Dcontroller3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I completed my next gen trilogy yesterday by setting a new 360 Jasper along side my Wii and PS3. YES! The triliogy is complete :D

PSN; slave2Dcontroler(with "1" L due to character limitations)
360; s2Dc 176(due to the same thing LOLZ)

Rhoic3558d ago

Yup same here.. The epic next gen trilogy now sits together fighting off the forces of.. something. BUT I HAVE DEM ALLZ!

Why dis3558d ago

It dosn't matter only to the losing team.

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