Gaming Heaven : Killzone 2 Preview

John Erikson writes "The environmental design is stunning; right from the Helghan capital of Pyrrhus to the gritty shanty Suljeva village. It is the kind of game which will make you actually stop shooting from time to time to look around the levels and admire the panoramic views and sweeping vistas. Developer Guerilla really have the mindset to make everything as epic as possible while ensuring that none of the attention to detail is lost. The overwhelming feeling is that everything has a real sense of realism to the design and that the enveloping war is both brutal and frightening. Everywhere you look there are the ugly remnants of war... black smoke rising to the horizon and shells and debris littering the environments.

Killzone 2 is set to become a classic and possibly one of the best games this year. If you managed to pick up a Playstation 3 for yourself at Christmas, then rest assured there are many gems coming this year and Killzone 2 is one you will not want to miss."

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SAiOSiN3654d ago

wow there is no doubt in my mind that kizzy 2 will be an instant classic and be in the 94-97 review average.

sanamsingh3653d ago

Surpasses it so far, you can't even see it.