Owner of seven failed Xbox 360s speaks out

Some corporate sins are unforgivable. Like turning your back on your most loyal customers to the point that they feel like giving up on you.

Rob and Mindy Cassingham wanted to prove they were the most loyal Xbox 360 fans. I met them at Zero Hour, the event in which Microsoft debuted the Xbox 360 in November 2005 to 3,000 of its most enthusiastic fans. The Cassinghams drove halfway across the country from Moab, Utah, where they operated a video game center. They showed up at the event, at an aircraft hangar in the Mojave Desert, with license plates hanging around their necks that read ''Xbox.''

''I was clearly a fan boy,'' said Rob Cassingham, 42.

These days, Cassingham.....


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wolfgang4527d ago (Edited 4527d ago )

All four he got at launch "croaked on him", well that is what warrantys are for. Anyway I'm gonna approve this story, we can learn something from it. :)

Juevani4527d ago

u dont buy stuff to give back and take new once 4 times in the mounth u stupid f1ck.. and he aint the only one, what a sh1tty producte..

wolfgang4527d ago (Edited 4527d ago )

Are you saying if my PS3 stop working I sould avoid Sony stuff ? I have a warranty you moron so Sony will exchange it for new one, one that work.

I heard you were born with a defective penis ? To bad there is no waranty on moron. Anytime you feel the need to reply go on dude, I know you are like full of bubbles.

eques judicii4527d ago

juevani, you need to calm down... this shouldn't be that kind of forum... what happened to this guy is sad, but to insult another news4gamer user is just downright pathetic... we all know you don't like 360, but cursing is inappropriate.

DJ4527d ago

In an e-mail, he wrote, ``A new 360 was all I really wanted in the first place, but after two failed attempts dealing with Microsoft's overseas call centers, I am very annoyed that it took an e-mail directly to P. Moore to get results -- assuming that they do, in fact, ship me a new 360.''

He added, ``How do I feel it is turning out? Frankly, I'm conflicted. I am just so gun-shy about the reliability issue. One part of me wishes, when my 360 arrives(?), to immediately sell it and all of my 360-related schwag and put the money into a gaming PC. Another part of me wants to keep the 360 (and absolutely get the extended warranty) and I don't want to turn my back on my LIVE arcade titles I've purchased. I still feel like a chump.''

=[ That's such a sad story. Warranty or not, this should NEVER happen to anyone.

ER1X4527d ago

Hilarious that 4 people disagree with you that this kind of thing shouldn't happen to people. LOL.

DJ4527d ago

They should start reading my posts first. =P

nix4527d ago

i think it's high time that guy gets a life... or better still there's something called PS3. he he he q:

Silverwolf4526d ago

I went thru two fo them, then I just gave up. The first time I was disappointed but after a while I just told myself "sh!t happens". But the second time was the straw that broke the camels back. [email protected] that!

WacksOnWacksOff4526d ago

I don't agree with everything that you say, DJ, but this definitely should not happen to ANYbody. Microsoft should go above and beyond the call of duty and fix this situation with this guy. The good PR would MORE than make up for whatever it would cost. Luckily, my launch 360 has held up so far << knocks on wood >>...

Shadow Flare4526d ago (Edited 4526d ago )

W,why have 10 people disagreed with DJ's comments? You think faulty 360's SHOULD happen to people?

Im gonna come straight out and say this but whoever disagreed with DJ's comments, i hope you were joking cos if not, you have a mental problem. Gone loopy in the think-tank. Peter Moore's little fly puppet b1tch. How can anyone with a sane mind disagree that loads of faulty systems shouldn't happen to people? Uh...aha! You guys aren't nutcases! You're just holding severe grudges cos you got dooped into buying such an unreliably crap system. The ironic thing is that the ps3 was always called the grill, but its the 360 which overheats to in turn provide breakfast for its beloved owner. Whoever disagreed with DJ are still complete idiots though

Hayabusa 1174526d ago

I agree with DJ's comment but I disagree with yours. I hold no gruge for buying a 360 which, by the way, has not crapped out on me since launch...and neither has the one my brother got last november. DJ's right, warranties are a good safety net, but who wants to give microsoft your hard drive and loose all your saved games? It's also ridiculous to have 11 people disagree with DJ's comment, just because he's DJ.

KIdKool4525d ago

That pic is F'ing funny. The 360 is a joke and they know it. what a bunch of dumbasses

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eques judicii4527d ago

i feel bad for this guy... unfortunately i've never had the displeasure of a failed 360... in fact i just sold my first one to a friend and replaced my console (for one with a new disk drive)... so now two people are enjoying consoles. From my days working at EB games I noticed that certain people seemed to have a rash of bad luck with 360s while other people never experience a problem.

this guys deserves to be helped out by microsoft... but i guess some people just have bad luck.

Boink4527d ago

I work for a large company, and I understand that sometimes customer do fall through cracks in procedures and stuff like that. But at some point, someone in customer service should have seen the amount of exchanges on this account and forwarded it off or escalated it to make sure that everything was solved once and for all.