PS3 Firmware (Video) - What Would you like to see?

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"The Playstation is a great piece of equipment sitting under your TV, not only can it play games but it also acts as the centre piece of any multimedia system. But what are the features you would like to see implemented by firmware 3.0?

As part of a multi-part post we will be asking this very question. The aim is to come up with the most wanted additions across the board and provide SCEE with a definitive list of what you, the European community want.

To start off we will be asking you the features, additions or modifications you would like to see when it comes to video for the PS3".

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interrergator3582d ago

cross game chat all i need

Sk8boyP3582d ago

don't forget invites, and a more efficient version of the In Game XMB

vitz33582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )


Wise_Man3582d ago

• Many people would like Game chat, and invites too.

• Most people would Like the current features of the xbox, while retaining the price of PSN.

• But remember Chinese Proverb say: A man's greed is like a snake that wants to swallow an elephant.

cryymoar3582d ago

would be just to be able to give nick names to the people on my friend list. It's hard keeping track of everyone's online name and who they are.

harv0523582d ago

Faster profile loading.

GameGambits3582d ago

Private chat that works while you are playing in game.

The ability to talk to more than one person from your friends list at the same time in a chat room, without leaving your game.

An easier way to invite people into games to play with you.

That's really all PSN lacks. Get on it Sony. I can't believe it has taken you this long to even realize you need this.

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blackpanther253582d ago

there done i said it. If anything streaming videos into HOME (then the movie theater would actually be useful)

Ryudo3582d ago

I would rather see AVI support most video formats I use are all AVI.

blackpanther253582d ago

I thought it already has avi support. Unless you are talking about a certain type of avi. I not that experienced in video codecs, but i know all my avi files work on the ps3.

Godmars2903582d ago

Would turn all negative opinions against it around.

Ryudo3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Well I haven't tried on my own PS3 I have a 24" monitor so I haven't had much need. But my friend can't play AVI's when I burn them for him. Although he doesn't have the internet and hasn't updated his PS3 in about 6 months.

I wouldn't say that I have so many negative feelings against home its hard for me to express them. I feel lesser as a human being playing that game when I see 4 guys dancing around 1 random fat female avatar. And when I try to walk over to an arcade machine to play it only to discover Sony made it so realistic I cant because someone is already on it.

The only time I ever use home is when I try to enter the playstation store and click the wrong icon. Shortly after saying sh1t and pressing the home button to exit.

Apocwhen3582d ago

AVI isn't a video codec format. AVI is a container for audio and video. What each are encoded in could be a dozen different codecs available.

Information Minister3582d ago

DivX 7 support is most likely just a matter of time.

I would very much prefer mkv support. It's frequently used for HD content on the internet and it's an open source format, so there aren't any licensing fees.

Bathyj3582d ago

Well I'm no technician Ryudo, but I think an update might let your friends PS3 do what everyone elses can already.

Hasn't that been in since 2.5 or something?

Godmars2903582d ago

The only real point to go in now is to see how its shaping up. To check out the theater for trailers and special events. The 5 minute preview for RE: Degeneration for instance. The Red Bull and coming EA areas are further examples, but what's really gong to make it is private video streaming. IMO anyway.

But the thing is that most people like yourself are confusing Home with a game. Its not. Its also, though publicly released, in its early beta stages. Its just stable enough to be put out.

blackpanther253582d ago

that is the big feature in divx 7 mkv support. So with divx 7 you can play mkv and other hd format videos.

Information Minister3582d ago

Really? That's awesome. I'm still using DivX 6.8 and I'm a little outdated about the new features, but with the addition of MKV support I'll download DivX 7 right now!

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TheBadOne3582d ago

- A.i.M


- FULL In Game XMB

- Voice Messages

- In Game Video Chat

- Opera Web Browser

- Ability to send music to friends

- Ability to finish downloads in standby

- Ability to charge controller in standby

- Support for more USB Devices

- PS2 Emulator ...80gb

- Support for MOV. & MKV video files

I think i pretty much explained it all ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iHEARTboobs3582d ago

I'd like my PS3 to be able to make me breakfast. That's at the top of my list. Sony, make it happen. Thank you.

Oh, you have some good stuff listed too.

blackpanther253582d ago

@boobs: lol you are funny.

@thebadone: Add a better music player and library interface

Ryudo3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

If your console doesn't have PS2 support it never will. Not even the fastest PC's on the market can emulate PS2 games very well .The PS3 just wouldn't be fast enough to purely software emulate PS2 games.

If they could of done that they would of never added PS2 hardware to PS3's from the start. Sony haven't cut backwards compatibility to spite people. They needed to remove the PS2 hardware from the PS3 to save manufacturing costs.

iHEARTboobs3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I've played some AVI files, but I think there's other types of AVI files that it doesn't support.

EDIT: I was responding to Ryudo

Lucreto3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I want to see in-game access to the web browser.

So many times I have to quit the game to look for some help.

Fallout 3 is the main reason for this. Damn Bobbleheads.

I suppose cross game chat is important but for me I would barely use it as I have no friends :'(

Bathyj3582d ago

Someone needs a hug. ;)

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