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Mike Hilt writes "Alot of people thought that Ninja Gaiden II didn't look much better then Sigma which is untrue. The game is gorgeous and needs to be seen in motion to be appreciated. The animation is top notch and some of the best you will see anywhere. The environments look great and some of them further in the game look straight up stunning. The enemies look great and they pack quite a few onto the screen at once which is impressive. The much talked about gore effects are incredible, blood and body parts never disappear remaining to show the carnage you have caused in your path. It's a small touch but its really nice."

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BigKev453654d ago

This game came out in June.

Elven63654d ago

You do reviews when ever you have time....

And to the guy who reported it, look over N4G guidelines.

Blaze9293654d ago

Again with the late reviews. What the hell will be submitted by Neocrisis next? Halo 2? And no, it cant be anytime:

"The review should be of a game that is yet to come out or is just out, and the game should also be somewhat anticipated."

IdleLeeSiuLung3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I don't care that this game came out in June. This game (and GeoW2) is game of the year for me.

This game in my opinion us underrated. It does require a lot of patience though... not for the faint of heart.

I would buy a 360 just for NG2!!!

callahan093654d ago

Who cares when it came out. I prefer somebody to savor a game in the same way that someone who spent their hard earned dollars on it would. THEN you are qualified to give your opinion about it.

Anyway, I bought this game a month ago when it was on sale for 20 bucks at Radioshack. A week or so ago it was on sale for 10 at Best Buy, but whatever. I've got it. But I haven't played it yet because I figure maybe I'll play the original first (never did play it, but played the demo on PS3 for Sigma and it was really cool). So, whenever I get a chance I'll pick up Sigma and play that, then play 2.

poopface13653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

think this is a good score for it. NG1 was my favorite xbox game and the thing I really liked about 2 was that there was awesome weapon variety, and taht you could actually use weapons other than the dragon sword to progress. In ng1 sometimes you would use a different weapon, but not often and it wasnt a good idea for a boss. In Ng 2 I think they actualy made certain weapons better for certain situations in order to emphasize the combat.
It does have some flaws. It has some slowdown(one part I think its actually good and may have been left in the game intentionally) and a few glitches. I dont think video games need storys(alot of great games are not required to have a good story so why is NG2. ex. every mario game ever) so that doesnt matter to me. Im good at the camera from the first so that didnt bother me either too much.

There is no action game with combat like this. And I dont think that there is actually a game that is even close. The type of weapons in the game is crazy. Kursi-gama, tonfas, claws with spikey shoes, and vigorian flails for craps sake.

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BLUR1113654d ago

it's about time we get a review!!!

Bathyj3654d ago

Whats with these late reviews?

Anyway Tenchu is the only real Ninja game.

*Braces for the boos*

specialguest3654d ago

Back when it was an above average and better game.

Random_Gumby3654d ago

Yah Tenchu on PS1 was right up there!

Bathyj3654d ago

I love Tenchu X on X360, I'm still playing it now when I should be trying to finish Fable. The controls are mostly fine and you have full control of the camera which you didn't in the first.

The best thing is the levels have gone back to big open areas, non linear, that you can tackle from any starting point you want.

I wasn't dissing Gaiden either, its just not really a Ninja game to me, its an action game. The charactor could just as easily be a gladiator, or samurai, or just a freak with a sword. Ninjas are about stealth, and non being seen. Tenchu is the only ninja game that does this.

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Isaac3654d ago

"Alot of people thought that Ninja Gaiden II didn't look much better then Sigma which is untrue"

720p > 575p

I guess some engines do run better on PS3.

Rob0g0rilla3654d ago

Still, I agree that Sigma looks a lot better then NG2. I played and beat both of them and Sigma looks better. Sure , there's more enemies on screen at once, you can cut off parts of their body, and you can save your gameplay in NG2 but it doesn't change the fact that it looks worse then Sigma. I enjoyed NG2 a lot more though.

Bathyj3654d ago

Well the devs claim it was 1080p, whom am I to believe?

They made a big song and dance about being the first game to be 1080p @ 60fps with self shadowing.

sajj3163654d ago

It is 720p for Sigma .. scale to 1080p support

Isaac3653d ago

It was going to be 1080p but they ended up with just 720p. Perhaps a little more dev time would have allowed for additional optimization and better res, but hey, if 1080p meant frame rate issues, then I'm fine with 720p, especially if we compare with 575p

MiloGarret3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Are you telling me that COD2 on 1600x1200 on my pc looks better than COD4 running at 600p on my xbox 360?

Don't be stupid people, resolution is not as important as you make it out to be, NONE of you would be able to tell the difference if others didn't point it out for you, and obviously NONE of you have played both Sigma and NGII because you'd know straight away that NGII is superior in pretty much every aspect except two: 1) frame-rate can go down; and 2) camera is fücked up. Other than that, NGII beats Sigma in every other aspect.

Perjoss3653d ago

Both sigma and ng2 are fantastic games, maybe a little too hardcore for the average gamer and the camera can be annoying at times. I actually prefer sigma a little but only because it weapons are imo better, the weapons in ng2 are a bit over the top and crazy.

I've always preferred basic weapons like staves, swords and nunchuks (spelling?) then the really silly weapons in ng2, some of them look like you could not even lift them let alone swing them around at high speeds.

the ninja gaiden series and heavenly sword are my favorite '1 vs many' beat em ups, god of war series is up there too.

titntin3653d ago

Sorry milo but I own and play both and you are plain wrong! In the most important aspect, gameplay, NG2 has the edge and the combat has been even further refined. But it definately looks rougher than sigma did. Its lighting is simply terrible, meaning your charater often looks like he doesn't sit in the environment correctly - something thats not an issue at all with sigma, which also boosts better resolution, and a real technical feat - self shadowing charaters. You won't find that on NG2.
Both fine playing games though as long as you didn't want a story or characters you could never like.. :)

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no-spin3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

sadly it was disappointing when compared to the experiences with the first one.

Edit: @below
How so? what?
i think exactly the same. NG Black is a beauty, then comes NG 2, and it feels like a mash button fest.

bassturd3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

how so?

I liked the first one a lot. I played the 2nd one's demo and it just felt dated or something. I never picked it up.

EDIT: @above. How is it disappointing compared to the original? It seems exactly like the original with more blood.

no-spin3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

jejeje good point
the mechanics are out of your whole control, the finishing technique is too forgiving in the sense that while doing it you are invulnerable.
the straight comparison is the difficulty. Path of the warrior is doable. On NG 1 Hard was ridiculous, for me it was a mastery of the controller, really fun by the way.In NG 2 you can keep mashing buttons and end up doing moves that you did not wanted to do. it feels different, more forgiving, a little monotonous

bassturd3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

aight just wonderin since I liked the original and the 2nd got good reviews yet I also felt it didn't seem as fun.


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