Gizmodo: Phantom Lapboard Review

Gizmodo: The Phantom Lapboard is one of those fabled legends of the gadget world, a keyboard and mouse that you can use comfortably on a couch-in the making since 2004.

Phantom was kind enough to send us the first final production unit off of the line-preorder shipments should be fulfilled starting Feb 20th. It's unfair to judge any product with higher standards only because of funding and manufacturing delays-even if the Phantom Lapboard is the Duke Nukem Forever of the keyboard world. But despite these delays and issues, there's still no clone or ripoff to compare it to.

I find the Phantom Lapboard's $130 asking price a bit steep-but if it cost less than $100 it would be a strong recommendation. Using the mouse can feel a bit like walking on ice and the keyboard tilts a lot, but given that there are few competitors that can offer a full keyboard/mouse that fit comfortably in your lap, I'm glad to see the still-fresh idea finally come to market.

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