Biggest Jan Sales For Sony, As PS3 Finally Begins To Perform.

PlayStation 3 enjoys record revenues of $550m in first month of year!

It may have started off slowly due to stock issues and a controversial price, but after the PlayStation brand scored its best January performance ever, the company believes the PS3 is finally out of the gates and picking up momentum in the next-gen showdown.

NPD sales data for January puts the total of PlayStation 3 consoles at 243,554 in North America, helping the PlayStation business record revenues US $550 million (EUR 419m) during the five weeks of the month.

"We are pleased with the numbers from January as they demonstrate overall sales improvements for our legacy systems year over year and continued momentum for PS3," said David Karraker, director of corporate communications for SCEA.

Admitting the issues of restricted supply at retail, Sony believes the channel is finally getting regular stock, and coupled with increased marketing and a strong line-up of titles, the PlayStation brand as a whole is set to rocket in 2007.

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wolfgang4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I think these numbers have been reproted a few time now, but always in comparison to xbox and nintendo sales. At least this article focust on sony.

shotty4258d ago

550 mill in sales but remember it costs much more to build the system so around 750 million lost from building systems add to that advertising, psn charges, shipping and so on.

DJ4258d ago

Add to that the profits from software and suddenly the numbers get a little hard to keep track of. Hell, we don't even know how much the system costs to produce any more (lack of follow-ups since November) At least the system is finally taking off after the traditional post holiday-season slump.

wolfgang4258d ago

"we don't even know how much the system costs to produce any more "
It can only cost less, price of part don't go up as production increase.

DJ4258d ago

Sorry, should've been more clear.

Sevir044258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

"NPD sales data for January puts the total of PlayStation 3 consoles at 243,554 in North America...with the Nintendo Wii shifting 436,000 units and the Xbox 360 selling 294,000 units".

Wow I guess all the system really needs is a compelling game. I recently went to a game stop to ask about the ps3 in terms of sales at the Horton Plaza Mall in San Diego, and a gamestop representative said 2 weeks ago their stock of ps3s were sitting on shelves and then people a week later people wre buying them with VF5 preorders...

I think it's a safe bid that sony fans who aren't yet ready to commit 500-600 bucks untill the games are there, after all we are going to see the biggest jump come this march when GDC kicks off as Sony's next big marketing agenda, with new trailers and demos and full detalis with the european and autrailian releases of the system. it will go global finally.

And with 1.5 million being shipped to europe and possible the same amount going to aussie(maybe a little less) and 30 games most of which are hi profile first and second party titles and some triple A 3rd party games and some not so hot ones amoung the mix, this looks to be the best launch of a sony console in over a decade.

I cant imagine what the sales figures will be like for sony in all 3 major regions especially when over a 3rd of those games are being released simultaneously with U.S australia, and the much coveted Europe, most notably motorstorm, Oblivian, Fear, F1 champ edition, Rainbow six, splinter cell, def jam Icons and NBA homecourt.... man Europe is getting it good.

and then in the month to follow games like AC4 will be in the mix so we'll have plenty to hold us over till the summer months, when bigger titles like Heavenly sword and Lair make there appearance, and Mercenaries 2, and Ut3 grace our shelve and exclusives like coded arm, hit the system.
i must say if all that doesn't get the gamers rattled up then christmas 2007 will be the big push.

2007 is sony's year. i need not say any more

eques judicii4258d ago

i love hearing the spin from both sides... both microsoft and sony both claim to have been extremely successful in january, but really only nintendo can say that they were truly successful. The wii and ds have sold an incredible number of units... the 360 did well for the month of january (seeing as demand is not nearly as high for it as the wii) but it would have been better for microsoft if lost planet had sold some more units. Their best month will come sometime this spring when they finally get around to a price drop (then again when halo 3 beta/gold come out). The ps3, IMHO, had a fairly lousy month, coming in behind both nex-gen systems. However, despite slow ps3 sales, the ps2 is selling extremely well, and will only be bolstered by the release of GOW2, so Sony can definitely pride themselves on that.

It won't be until this upcoming fall however that the ps3 will begin to really show what its made of, because this spring seems to be dominated by 360 ports (oblivion, rainbow six, splinter cell, fear, homecourt...) but if FFXIII and MGS4... or even killzone 2?... can manage to make a christmas launch then the ps3 will continue to begin to become stronger.

It is going to be a tough road for sony (they will probably make it through just fine) because they must combat the 360's impressive spring line up and the intense demand for the wii...

however, people will vote with their wallets... happy gaming :-D

UrbanJabroni4258d ago

I know this isn't something you are implying, but does anyone on this site _honestly_ believe Metal Gear and Final Fantasy will be released this year? Those games are huge, cinematic affairs that typically have extremely long development cycles. I've not heard a single source willing to even speculate that one of these will be delivered this year, most seem to assume a 2008 release on these games.

techie4258d ago

FInal Fantasy is listed for 2008 and MGS4 is listed for this year. Oh and there are a lot more games and exclusives coming out before then...just go on to ign and look at the US release dates. There are some big games coming out

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