Can the Wii Save the Adventure Game?

In the 1980s and early nineties, the adventure genre was the king of computer games. In the 80s, if you were a PC owner not playing King's Quest then you might as well be a communist. However, with the rise of home console's popularity combined with the birth of other genres this once loved genre fell to the wayside. Since then, there have been a few resurgences with The Longest Journey series and Indigo Prophecy. However, none have recaptured the same hold on the marketplace the genre once had. Is there any way this might someday change? Might we see new installments of King's Quest, Space Quest and Gabriel Knight someday? Just maybe with the Wii we can.

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PS360WII4438d ago

I'd like that! I'm getting bored of FPS they are a dime a donzen these days

death monk4438d ago

Hero's Quest/Quest For Glory was my favorite game growing up. Nothing better than picking your nose to increase your lock picking skills, but having a chance of messing up and poking yourself in the brain, killing yourself. Those were the days...