Top Ten Games That Rip off Another Franchise (But Do So Beautifully)

Games like 'Grand Theft Auto III', 'Silent Hill' and 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" are widely considered to be a few of the greatest games ever developed. While they are all great in their own right, they do share a common bond:

They've all shamelessly ripped off other franchises.

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-GametimeUK-3556d ago

Uncharted - Rips off Tomb Raider and Gears of War

great game though! but does nothing but take gameplay straight from them 2 games...

barom3556d ago

Gears Of War ripped off Kill.Switch. Technically all games have some feature that has been done in the past. So this article is kinda pointless.

I thought this was more about clones. Like Killer Instinct being a good clone of Mortal Kombat, or Saints Row being a good clone of GTA. Instead it was just random games that had some very few similiar features thrown in there which I say is bs. Cause even though people say Silent Hill is a clone of Resident Evil but the first survival horror game was actually Alone In The Dark. And the first game to ever use some type of cover was actually Metal Gear Solid (PS1) where you could hug the wall and peek around the corner.

So yeah this article is kinda pointless.

Baka-akaB3556d ago

Uncharted isnt a ripoff timb raider , at most they got the adventurer/explorer/archelogis t theme going on , itself stolen from Indy and many other sources .

Gears of war like pointed out took things from killswitch , but also games like Resident evil 4

Besides novelty has been long gone , so who cares ...
At most it has been multiple cases of many ideas and games fallen into oblivion or badly known getting copied or cloned by better produced ones by better studios .

pixelsword3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Bionic commando, and other games will Rip-off Uncharted's vertical cover style when Drake uses things he climbs on as cover.

and Kill.switch was ripped off by all.

LastDance3556d ago

Ummm...there is nothing original about gears. even operation Winback on the n64 had a cover system for crap sake.

ThanatosDMC3556d ago

Yup, i was just about to mention Winback. I played it on my PS2 or was it PS1... i dont remember. It was a good game if you were patient enough to deal with the instant death traps.

Winback was first with all these cover system.

Devil May Cry was a genre maker of awesomeness copied by Ninja Gaiden which was then copied by other things with ninja in it and God of War like games.

I wish more copied Tenchu.

LBP is being copied by something game.

Sing Star is being copied by something game.

They all copy each other... there's really no point in trying to trace all these emulations. For all we know FPS was copied from Duck Hunt.

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clinker3556d ago

Crazy, I just read the contents of this article on Neogaf this morning.

PoisonousPoison3556d ago

That made me want to watch AVGN's review of bible games (the first one) again.

YonasJonas3556d ago

Such bs this article is.

VMAN_013556d ago

Gamertime I don't recall Tomb Raider having a cover system.

Godmars2903556d ago

But Gears does, and that's the point.

pixelsword3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

even with the car cover.

That's what made me laugh when I first saw Gears of War gameplay years ago.

PoSTedUP3556d ago

but gears did it better...

and uncharted did it better...

so who cares.

*continues to play HS* (which probably ripped off another game but yea, i dont give a ****)

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