Here's How to Get 32 GB of Storage on Your PSP

PSP World Writes:

"The Micro SD to Pro Duo adapter from Photofast allows you to put two MicroSD cards inside your PSP at the same time. Since MicroSD sizes range all the way up to 16GB per card, that means you can fit roughly 32 GB of storage on one of these bad boys.

The best news? The card works super fast, so there is almost no additional lag while copying over files. "

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clinker3561d ago

That is a hell of a lot of storage for a pretty good price. Still, I am fine with my 8GB pro duo.

hay3561d ago

Lol, i have 2GB and I really dunno how to fill it...

ThanatosDMC3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Eventhough it's very old news, you gotta inform people what's wrong with it.

For those people that have fat PSPs and wants the adapter Cr-5400. DO NOT BUY IT! The fat PSPs tend to burn up the adapter.

However if you have a PSP Slim or PSP-3000 version. Buy this adapter. I did and it works properly.

A suggestion for Fat PSP users is to use the CR-3100 that uses SD cards. Though it's best internalized which is what i have.

SiLeNt KNighT3561d ago

yeah thats pretty good. It kinda puts it on par with ipods in terms of storage. i still only use a 4gig. Nothing against the psp, i have one and its great, but Im kind of ready for a psp2. touch screen, dual joysticks, LOTS of storage. im ready, im ready, im ready

Lionsguard3561d ago

If you can't fill a meager 2gb then this news is not for you. It's for those who love to sail the high seas and plunder if u get my drift. This is old news btw. Theres another product by the same company that lets you use 2 or 4 pro duo cards which means 2-4 of these adapters = win.

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emitsu973561d ago

Would the PSP recognize both cards?

clinker3561d ago

Yes, apparently the PSP thinks it is a 32 GB Pro Duo card when the two microSD cards are in the slots. Not sure how this works but the cusomter reviews said that it does.

SpartanGR3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Maybe a stupid one but how does the psp knows where to save if you have both MicroSD cards inside the adapter?

Ro11z3561d ago

kinda acts like a Mini Raid drive inside the PsP so the data is stored on Both SD cards at once.

ONLY the adapter will be able to read the data so taking 1 SD card out and putting it in a computer wont be readable

ThanatosDMC3561d ago

After putting two microSD cards, you first have to reformat it via the PSP so it can recognize it properly without corrupting anything. Then dont take out the microSD cards anymore. Treat it like a memory stick pro duo instead or else you'll mess up files especially if one part of a file is shared between the two microSD cards.

solidt123561d ago

I can see a potential problem with this thing splitting data across each card. (firmware)

Ldubbz3561d ago

Seems kinda cool, but you're probably better off just sticking with the Pro Duo memory. 8 GB should be more than enough for most people on a daily basis, since you of course backup all of your "Game Files" on your PC/Mac anyhow.

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