Nudity common in Xbox Live's UNO


"Apparently UNO's camera capability harbours sexual deviants.

Yesterday's story, about a three-year-old being subjected to pornography whilst her father played UNO on Xbox Live, struck a cord with many of you. Some blamed the parent, claiming that they should know better: don't play UNO online in an open game. Others were disgusted that such an offence should ever happen in a family game.

A couple of Gamezine commenter's bring their experiences of Xbox Live's UNO to the table."

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chaosatom3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I am surprised that this hasn't been out to public. I mean this is like the second article about the problem.

Can't Microsoft just turn off the Vision camera feature in the game?

003561d ago

actually settings in the consoles option to do that kind of stuff, But most people are to lazy to read the manual.

Wise_Man3561d ago

• The problem does not lie with Microsoft, but with some of its users.

socomnick3561d ago

im one of the guilty ones of exposing themeselves on uno, but i always make sure theres no kids. Ive done the mangina thing about 20 times. ?I trick people all the time, then pop comes the weasel.

JsonHenry3561d ago

I bought UNO when it first came out for XBL Arcade.. and saw nudity on day one. Some fat chick sitting in her bed letting the computer count down and play a hand for her.

I quit playing shortly after that.

Tempist3561d ago

Ah okay. Now i see where all the demands for people to get more widespread cam usage on the PS3 comes from.

thats_just_prime3561d ago

always heard on XBL if you want to see naked girls on cam to go play uno. I had always thought it more of a rumor .............................. ............oh well

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Mr PS33561d ago

I Know for a Fact That This wont Happen when Uno comes to PSN

NaiNaiNai3561d ago

yep cause PSN wont have live video chat.

Pennywise3561d ago

Nai, If uno on 360 has it... ps3 will have it.

The online poker game has it.

unicorndeathcamp3561d ago

WHEN is such a popular word amongst the ps3 fanboys.

and get real kid, if you think that it wont happen your crazy. just look how the first chance someone got to make a level in LBP, it was a level full of penises.

please, spare the better than routine.

ASSASSYN 36o3561d ago

Part of the risk you take when you hook up a camera for xbox-live or even your computer. MS has issued disclaimers warning of this that online play is not rated. And there are options a parents can take to alleviate exposure to their children of these acts.

Voice chat, camera, text messages, camera option, and even xbox-live itself can be restricted by the parent with a password. MS has done everything it can to provide parents control.
It is their choice to use it. People always complain about something on xbox-live yet are to slow in using the options to eradicate the problem.

Itrguy0013561d ago

every game comes with online play is not rated by the ESRB or the ppl that rate it outside of the US so if u do go and play online you're taking risks with ppl like this. i always read the description and stuff on the back and whenever i see that i know that i might run into ppl that are asses like this

Rowland3561d ago

I blame the hamster that distracted everyone by slipping on its seed & breaking a mug which had a little tea left in it. The tea spilt onto the wife's laptop which short circuited & blew the plug. The resultant whisps of residual smoke contained enough traces of a hallucinogenic chemical (wire conduction sealant) to suggest that the whole sorry episode was a figment of everyones imagination.

darthv723561d ago

I guess I am playing with the wrong crowd.....

uno porn ftw! (esp girl/girl)

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