Are Sony's PlayStation 3 Updates Getting Old?

Are Sony's PS3 firmware updates morphing into glorified publicity stunts? It's a question worth asking. Since the PS3 arrived in November 2006, Sony's issued 34 updates to its glossy micro-tower – a remarkable number for a console* – each a grab bag of bug fixes and feature fills. Menus increasingly swell the XMB's verticals. System stability is indeterminately "improved" and Linux "hacks" are blocked. Formats arrive unceremoniously, sending users clambering over the river and through the woods in search of explanations for jargon like XviD, RTMP, BD-J, AVCHD, and Blu-ray BD-Live Profile 2.0.

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Fishy Fingers3556d ago

People moaning about getting additional features for free getting old?

Skyyo3556d ago

Stories like this are getting old...

Fishy Fingers3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Bug fixing yes, additional features, yes. Oh and how is bug fixing a bad thing? Your logic is bizarre. MS bug fix, that a problem for you? Probably not.

jack who3556d ago

it a bad thing when you get any update every month to fix em lol

kazuma3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

i actually laughed out loud when i saw the comment and the two guys that approved the article XDDDD

yeah it's such a bad thing, updates, more features and stuff?? KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF SONY WE DON'T WANT IT XD

god u guys are simply ridiculous

Capt CHAOS3556d ago

I can't actually remember the last time MS had to release a bug fix to their dashboard..

Lifendz3556d ago

well MS is a software company so them not releasing many bug fixes isn't really that surprising.

Just like Sony is a hardware company so their hardware being uber reliable isn't that surprising.

Picking between the two, I'd take a firmware update any day of the week over faulty hardware. I lose maybe 10 minutes of play time during the update (and that's assuming I want to play games but can't because of the update) while MS takes 2 to 4 weeks to repair 360s.

Sarcasm3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Man the mentality of some people are ridiculous.

Bug Fixing and new features a bad thing?

I bet these are the same people that believe the 360 is the best hardware ever created.

marinelife93556d ago

What exactly is the guy's beef? Does he not like the extra ten minutes it takes to download and install? It's free, it improves system stability, and it add new features.

He can unplug his PS3 from the internet for all I care.

anh_duong3556d ago

i rather my updates more frquently thanks.

SL1M DADDY3556d ago

In fact, I actually have really appreciated some of them. Despite some being less important, it makes no difference to me to get an update and for those complaining about such non-sense, get over it.

Senbo3556d ago

you took the words out of my keyboard. i keep telling that to people.

BTW it takes 5 days on the hour to get your PS3 back from sony and some one said that was slow(they got it faster)

Marceles3556d ago

"Sony's issued 34 updates to its glossy micro-tower – a remarkable number for a console"

Is there some kind of console update limit that I don't know about? What's this guy's problem? Publicity stunt? The only people that actually know about the updates are people that go to the blog..other than that people would turn on their consoles and the update would pop up. I'm not even gonna try to understand this guy's logic other than he's the same kind of person that would make a "Killzone 2 is Epic...but does it matter? Who Cares?" article. An anti-hype or PS3 hater

BrianC62343556d ago

Just more tripe from a washed up computer magazine/website. It's really sad what has happened to PC world. They used to be worth reading years ago.

robep33556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

At least bug fixes are less of a problem than RROD and let me see the latest E-74 error or disc scratching or console failures after db updates on the 360 and
I get bug fixes and security fixes EVERY WEEK FROM MS because basically MS are rubbish at writing SOFTWARE just ask any windows user!


Pain3556d ago

Sucks hard i tell you..

You telling me You want to improve something or give me a NEW feature for free??

WTF.... ....Thats...Ludicrous...

Piss off PC world go wait for a Windows update...from MS...

badz1493556d ago

M$ is not releasing a frequent updates on 360 but are you guys not using windows? the damn thing got new updates and bug fix almost every day! I don't expect people to go moaning about it because M$ developed it and they should do the 'maintenance'! I don't get why people even care to complaint about FW updates for PS3? it's free and it doesn't just fix bugs, it also add features and that's what we call future-proofing concept! no early adopters got left behind and the features keep increasing! how does this "getting old" stuff even popped out? are people THAT stupid?

I remember the 1st time I bought a PSP in 2005 during FW1.0 in Japan when there was no browser and what so ever! now, after almost 4 years, I still use the same PSP I bought back then to do all kind of stuff the newer version has maybe just not Skype but I still have Go! Messenger for video call anyway and it's AWESOME! based on the PSP, I can see the PS3 getting more features in the future!

StephanieBBB3556d ago

There are alot of things they could change with PSN and making it easier to interact and chat with fellow players much like the NXE.

Cross voice chat would be the first thing on the fix it list if I was a PS Dev at Sony. Screw the video game chat for another year and release a ordinary voice chat so people can start having fun all the time while loged on PSN.

Of course it would be hard to find the resources to get the voice chat running on while gaming but IMO there must be some free space on the SPU's left for voice chat or the video RAM.

Even if it gave minor framerate dips at some points when alot happens on screen I would still implement it because it is OPTIONAL to use. You can't complain that your framerate dips and then still use voice chat because it is self inflicted.

But wishing gets old and Sony is taking thier sweet old time as usual.

KarateExplosion3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

How about cant remember when microsoft fixed something....
Isnt there an Error 74.... something like that.... (BTW DID YOU GUYS PAY FOR THAT ERROR ya know with ur live accounts and what not)....
Oh and Im sure if an update woulda fixed RROD they woulda released it right? Prolly not cause they havent fixed it on the new systems?

Dont bash sony when the xbox is no where near perfect.

MasFlowKiller3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

WTF are people going to be complaining about next?

New Free Features?

Free online gaming?

Highest rated games of 08?

Most anticipated games of 09?

Not having to change blu ray's in the middle of a game?

Improvement in Home?

Getting tire of not buying battery's for the controller?

Having HDMI 1.3 not 1.2?

Having a HDMI port in every single system, EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM?

Having a Harddrive in every single System, EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM?

Having WiFi in every single System, EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM?

Not having to pay for a monthly subscription to download movies?

micro_invader3556d ago

So getting new features and fixing bugs = bad? I lol at this article.

incogneato3556d ago

was gona say that myself. how can getting new stuff for free get old? lol. people will make articles about anything these days. i blame the idiots who approve them

IdleLeeSiuLung3556d ago

I think people are missing the point on the article, it isn't about getting new features. He is talking about how POTENTIALLY frequent firmware updates increase instability that require additional firmware updates to fix.

Anytime you update your firmware, you risk the issue of bricking your console. Firmware updates should be rare and be tested well...

I don't mind new features, but I do mind the increased risk of bricking my console. On another note, in most cases you don't have to update to enjoy your PS3 though... so the point is somewhat moot.

no-spin3556d ago

i hate updates
it makes my purchase console more useful (Flash player anyone)
it take away the bugs that i enjoy so much
it opens a window of possibilities for more functionality
Sony dont give me more than what comes out of the box!!!!


Killjoy30003556d ago

How can something that updates a product, which pretty much makes it newer be old? The title contradicts itself. Pretty f#ckin professional.

monkpunk13556d ago

Pathetic, what a waste of space.... why would you not want updates it just makes the console stronger and stronger....

Like their ads say "where in the world" (their heads are clearly up thier rectums!

Saigon3556d ago

so getting additional funtions is a bad...since when...I understand it should have been out of the box, but is everything in windows and OSx out of the box...if that was the case we would not have system updates...

Veneno3556d ago

Keep up the updates, I say!

VampHuntD3556d ago

Has just entered the running for dumbest article on N4G. And it's a strong contender for the win.

Wise_Man3556d ago

• How can something which is new, also be Old?

Yipee Bog3556d ago

I start up the ps3, begin the update, turn on my 360 and play a match of team death match on cod4, shut off the 360 and begin to play resistance 2 on the ps3 after the update is installed. Good way to pass the time if you ask me. But honestly I don't see myself using the new photos feature in this update. system stability I'll take, considering I still freeze during Fallout 3. btw, awesome game

mega BIG time3555d ago

i don't use my ps3 very often, but every time i turn the thing on there is a new firmware update.

plain rice3555d ago


Well whats your problem when you only use your PS3 once in a while?

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dragunrising3556d ago

Every time there is an update I download it in anticipation, is that wrong? No. There is nothing wrong with updates that improve a system and add cool new features. Remember the trophy update. Best update ever. It is forward thinking that the operating system builds on itself with every firmware upgrade.

Venomish3556d ago

I learned something, anything, ANYTHING sony does for playsation 3 is a negative and a step towards its grave. even an updates that adds neat features and fix bugs.
on the other hand, anything, ANYTHING microsoft does for xbox360 is a step forward , a system seller , and a huge blow to sony

ThanatosDMC3556d ago

Apparently this guy hasnt seen how wonderful Photo Gallery is. I have 1,525+ photos from my cousins wedding and it seems that they made photos load faster. It's nice to show off to when there's a family reunion in the house or something.

Yipee Bog3556d ago

when sarcasm slaps me in the face off my chair...... or do I?

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Deviant3556d ago

Bashing Sony is getting old

Consoldtobots3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


bashing sony gets you hits and more advertising revenue. If you look at it in this light, it makes sense to go after the console brand with the biggest fanbase. I would guesstimate playstation fans outnumber 360 fans about 20:1.
That theory even proves itself in the number of agrees pro ps3 posters get here and the number of disagrees the worst 360 trolls get. It's not even a contest. At times you could make the argument that it's 4 guys with multiple accounts trolling ps3 articles.

StephanieBBB3556d ago

"I would guesstimate playstation fans outnumber 360 fans about 20:1."

It's funny how Microsoft then can claim that they have sold 8 million more consoles than Sony if there are more people on Sonys side...

I'm not saying that your wrong im only implying that something is fishy.

Venomish3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

well, if rrod rate was %30 then we can argue that the real number of xbox 360 users is like
x + 30%x = total sales
if total sales were 28million then, actual users are about
x = 28/(1+0.3) = 21.5 million leading sony only by 2 millions

Marquis_de_Sade3556d ago

StephanieBBB, it's funny how you make that claim based on the user base of one website. There's also the fact that PS3 owners are likely to be of a more 'core' audience, due to the higher price point. And lets face it, people posting on N4G are likely to be core gamers.

By the way, this article is plain stupid, new and exciting features for free getting old?

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jack who3556d ago

beta tester = sony fans lol

MegaMohsi3556d ago

Don't even get me started on ms fans= hardware alpha testing, software(windows vista, IE8) beta testing, getting microcharged for EVERYTHING, etc etc but ENJOY ANYWAY!

3556d ago
eelnats20003556d ago

Man, people complain about everything.

Sony gives a firmware update to UPDATE the ps3, people complain. Everything Sony does is put under this constant hate and bias.

And enough with the RROD. the xbox 360 has the highest failure rate compared to any electronics out there, but they're still selling.

Look at the damn wii. Its probably the worst console of the three, producing more crap than my toilet receives, and yet, it sold the most compared to the 360 and ps3.

Everybody, get some perspective.

Mr PS33556d ago

Who's There
Jack Who ?
Jack Ass
Thats Who !!

GiantEnemyLobster3556d ago

Hey PatchStation 3 where you at?

goflyakite3556d ago

I'm not familiar with the way you guys update your 360's.
Do they just update it every month when you send it in for repairs?

Stryfeno23556d ago

When will these useless updates stop?

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Frulond3556d ago

complain about getting free stuff and improvements?

hell... i wish game developers did the same... except for criterion of course :D

Sheddi3556d ago

True True
Gotta love Criterion!

BrianC62343556d ago

You know what's funny? This guy is a PC dweeb and he's complaining about all the PS3 updates. Microsoft has so many updates for Windows they actually call it Update Tuesday and at least once a month Microsoft releases all kinds of updates and security patches. I see no problem with Sony doing this.

I have a bigger problem with Microsoft and them doing no updates for Windows Vista. I bought Vista Ultimate which was expensive. They promised all kinds of extras for anyone who bought it. So far I've seen nothing. Sony is doing a great job with their PS3 and PSP updates. This dweeb is just jealous I guess. He wishes Vista would get this kind of attention.

Marquis_de_Sade3556d ago

It's not really fair to compare a computer OS that's designed for use over a broad range of PCs being used by 100s of millions of people, to a console with specific hardware used by 25 million and without viruses, spyware etc.