God of War 3 Sneak Peek Coming February 10

1UP write: Fresh off a new trailer at the Spike Video Game Awards, the God of War 3 hype machine is slowly getting up to speed. Next up is a special 'sneak preview' in Los Angeles.

We've received word that more information about that "highly-anticipated conclusion to the Greek action-adventure odyssey" will be revealed February 10. At a minimum, we expect that there will be another trailer and new gameplay details.

We'll be in LA for the sneak peek, so we'll have the new information as soon as it arrives. Keep an eye on this space for more details.

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pwnsause3555d ago

so 1up got the same invite that Kotaku received. Feburary seems to be a great month for sony with showing previews of GOW3, capcom releasing SFIV on the PS3, and to top all this, Sony finally releasing KZ2 worldwide.

chaosatom3555d ago

Are they trying to Convert them?


interrergator3555d ago

and resident evil 5 is around the corner

CryofSilence3554d ago

Ah, it's not the 6th like speculated from the trailer. 10th is close enough though. Can't wait!

Serjikal_Strike3554d ago

close enough..cant wait to see it

TheColbertinator3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Why the hell do people 1up think hates Sony? They gave perfect scores to Wipeout HD and littlebigplanet.They also gave A- to Valkyria Chronicles,MGS4,and Motorstorm 2.

Yes I know they gave Resistance 2 an 83 but that was because R2 sucked and it was not original like R1

The Dark Knight3554d ago

I dont care if this game takes another 2 years to complete.

Im happy waiting, Just knock my socks off sony and ill be happy

Sarcasm3554d ago

"Why the hell do people 1up think hates Sony?"

It's not the reviews. It's their general attitude.

Like the douche who says Killzone 2 "could garner a B"

callahan093554d ago

I agree with you, Stephen Colbert, until you say Resistance 2 sucks. Resistance 2 is AWESOME. Great campaign, great graphics, great sound, great co-op, great competitive multiplayer, great game.

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 3554d ago

i keep hearing it might be on the 6th of february.

BkaY3554d ago

coz its my birthday.... :)

supahbad3554d ago

i bet it will be a decent trailer prolly will show longer GP. i doubt they will announce any new features though(like MP, i still think they are going to add it).

Bubble Buddy3554d ago

Can't wait for this game. The first two games blew me away in terms of story, gameplay, and graphics. Wonder if they're going to keep going releasing GoW games during March or break the tradition?

SoIid Snake3554d ago

God of War III seems to be quite aways off. I can speculate that it will probably be released in March. As the third and final installment of the God of War franchise, I'm thinking they will want to go out with a bang, and along that bang, they would not break away from the tradition of a March release date.


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