First UK Fake DS Systems Seized

A couple in Kent have been arrested for selling fake DS systems in the UK. It has been estimated they made up to £50,000 in December alone.

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thetamer3559d ago

This is ludicrous. It just gets better and better. I might sell laser beams to unsuspecting monkies.

Leord3559d ago

Huh? What does lasers have to do with anything?

AndyA3559d ago

I've heard that fake consoles are the work of paedophile rings.

Leord3559d ago

Mmmm, yeah. I think I'll have to pass on that one. Not really likely, huh?

thetamer3559d ago

I am so glad someone said it. It's true, I think that kiddie lovers are in the business of making kiddie consoles. In the eighties it was sweets used to entice children, in the nineties it was bad music and polly pockets, and now it's DSs. Predictions for the next decade? I think it will be laser beams.

(This is just a joke if anyone is considering suing for defamation...or is it? YOU SHOULDN'T BE FU**ING MAKING FAKE CONSOLES YOU TWATS)

Leord3559d ago

So there has been no previous pirate DS sold in the UK before now?

dredgewalker3559d ago

How can u tell the difference of the fakes from the real ones? Are we referring to the whole DS handheld being pirated and not the games? This is disturbing news and if its true then what if a fake psp was also released?

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