Windows Vista beta benchmarked against XP

A recent posting on the communal blog of CNET Networks technology editors compared the performance of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system against its existing Windows XP in a handful of tasks. Of particular interest to gamers, the Vista setup ran Vivendi's first-person shooter F.E.A.R. at a rate of one extra frame per second in 1,024x768 resolution but fell two frames per second short of the XP setup when running the game at 1,600x1,200 resolution.

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achira6195d ago

this is bs. its obvious that games will be slower on vista. so you have to buy new hardware. all this lies...

Marriot VP6195d ago

achira your retarded. Quit hating.

Lucidmantra6195d ago

exactly. The word Beta does mean something. They are still trying to work out the bugs and yes you will have to buy new hardware to take advantage of DX10 and its new instruction sets. Then again almost anyone who knows something about PCs would know that.

PS360PCROCKS6195d ago

whats a pc? lol j/k I didn't read the article but I see no use to get Vista unless DX10 is for all new Pc games which it most likely will, even tho I dont play them I probably will buy crysis cause yeah it explains itself

USMChardcharger6195d ago (Edited 6195d ago )

according to sony...a pc is a ps3. which leaves one question still...then what is a pc?