Mass Effect Can't go Multiplatform – Here's Why "Granted, almost every company has or is rumoured to be ending age-old allegiances in this cost-hungry era of development. And hey, which gamer doesn't crave more high-quality titles for his console? The Mass Effect issue, however, involves more than a simple return on investments."

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Mr_Zkaar3556d ago

Does anybody really care about Mass Effect? It's a pretty crap game by all accounts.

Elven63556d ago

It wasn't the end all be all game Bioware touted it to be but it definitely wasn't crap either.

PS360WII3556d ago

Hey now Mass Effect is an excellent game and if it does come to the PS3 you really should get it!

3556d ago
TheMART3556d ago

PS3 fantards are funny

Mass Effect 9.1 out of 10 average

Higher then most PS3 exclusives besides that BluRay movie called MGS4 and the only game worth buying a PS3 for LittleBigPlanet.

Aclay3556d ago


No, I really don't care about Mass Effect. If it comes to PS3 then good, if it doesn't, it really doesn't matter to me.

It's gotten pretty good review scores, and I don't think that it's a crap game by any stretch of the imagination.

I've heard some people talk about some little bugs in the game and a lot of elevators or something, but that's about the only negative thing I've heard about it.

PoSTedUP3556d ago

0 for 3... not to shabby ; )

Pennywise3556d ago

Mart you are such a bitter troll. Keep hanging on to those review numbers you noob.

3556d ago
Gue13556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

X360 fantards are funny

Metal Gear Solid 4 9.4 out of 10 average

Higher then most X360 exclusives besides that Overrated game called GTAIV the only game worth buying an X360 for a multi-plat.


Mavole3556d ago

Calling someone a ''noob'' because you lack the basic intelligence to think of something better to say.

Just shut the hell up, Penny.

LeGenDx3556d ago

U g07 PWNSZORS L0L !!1!1

Pennywise3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

LoL Mavole - Mind your own business. If I want to tell mart to keep grasping for straws, I can. If I want to call mart a noob because he acts like a 5 year old child, I will.

I have plenty to say. I have the intelligence to combat the wittiest of trolls... I have just lost the ambition. It is old... Its the same thing every day. Spouting out a genric shut the hell up noob feels good once in a while.

So in return - you shut up. No, you shut up. No, you. NOOB Keele.


Never care for multiplats games. I just don't buy them no matter how good the game is . I only buy exclusive for my ps3 . ( my opinion) To me all multiplat games are downgraded for the xbots . 3rd parties cut corners to make it work on the xbots.Just take a look the difference between first parties and third..Anyways so many sony exclusives to buy right now i don't have time for multiplats.

I guess the first parties will share some secrets but I don't think they give them all there secret. Take a look at coca cola / many clones but only coke and pepsi perfected it .

LeonSKennedy4Life3556d ago

I'm with you on that one.

Why can't those of us that didn't drop out of high school put ridiculous things every once in awhile? Everyone else does! "Noob" says nothing about your intelligence. It's just "1337 speak". We all use it. Those using phrases like "PSTard" or "Troll" or "Xbot" are the real morons.

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Deviant3556d ago

not the best arguments ive read ...but who cares if its multi -.-

chaosatom3556d ago

and that it won't sell well. Which is stupid, because ps3 owners now have a large enough base, that will easily meet any initial investment.

Anyways, I Don't see why they won't unless Ms pays them. I mean more platforms, means better sales.

If they can do Mass effect 2 on ps3, then it will open gates for mass Effect 3 to do even better.

anh_duong3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

mass effect 2 on ps3 will sell about 1 million worldwide (as a benchmark i used fallout 3 sales for the ps3 which sold 1.1mio copies).

20$ x 1 million = $20 million dollars worth of gross revenue to EA.

EA is a developer who have no allegience to any systems. EA also has game engines in place for ps3 games which bioware could use so development cost would be relatively light.

if ms doesn't pay for exclusivity (around $5m AT THE ABSOLUTE BEAR MINIMUM methinks for net revenue - net revenue higher since development cost is shared) then chances are it will pay for time exclusivity (which would be considerably cheaper). it is really microsoft's call because EA doesn't respect exclusivity without a fee. Don't forget that bioware is not a charity for the exclusive benefit of microsoft - it needs to make money to justify the hefty price EA paid for it.

ms CAN afford to pay for exclusivity - at the expense of making much money of me2 of course. AND this is what determines whether me2 goes mutli or not - and nothing else. the author's other arguments are superfluous/wrong.

the one caveat is if sony decides to help pay for development/marketing then it would hard for ms to force the game to stay exclusive.

Lifendz3556d ago

if they price it at a reasonable price for a game that's been out for what...a year? That's why I passed on Bioshock. If it were 39.99 then maybe. 29.99 then defintely. But full retail price for a game that sells on 360 for around 20 bucks used is not happening.

But if EA keeps ME 2 and 3 360 console exclusive I'd be shocked. Most of their games lead on PS3 now and PS3 is earning them a good profit according to an article I read not too long ago. To pass up that much of an install base in this economy is insane. Especially when ME isn't exactly a Gears of War or Metal Gear type seller.

PSN/360: Lifendz

Capt CHAOS3556d ago

Well.. The PS3 owners only really seem to want exclusives, whilst the 360 owners will just grap up anything that is any good.

sonarus3556d ago

Its hardly an argument really. As long as Mass Effect runs on Unreal Engine it can be ported with relative ease

3556d ago
ThanatosDMC3556d ago

But Mass Effect is all ready on Steam... what's he saying it cant go multiplat???? BS.

anh_duong3556d ago

jonondaspot, yeah you might be right. i think i was very conservative in my calculations. even in my conservatism going xbox exclusive would mean EA taking a $20million dollar hit on gross revenues. That is a heck of a lot of revenues.

pumpkinpunker3556d ago

Sure, it's the Unreal engine but it's a highly modified version.

solidt123556d ago

This article should be pulled.

sonarus3556d ago

Well i don't know if it will go multiplat or not but at this point i will say its 50-50. I don't know how easy it would be to release mass effect 1 on PS3 due to the microsoft publisher contract. Hell Mass effect 2 could be a timed exclusive but you cannot ignore the fact that EA does not do exclusives. Their priority is to maximize sales

JayTe 1233556d ago

for ps3 only owners (who don't have a high end pc) i hope it goes multiplat... it is realy on of THE best games i have ever played and you don't wanna miss out on it...

Marceles3556d ago

The only people that care about it going multiplat is 360 fans. It'll just be something for 360 fans to be mad about and PS3 fans to laugh about just to say "I told you so". It was a great game though despite the little technical problems...I can just see it getting bashed on the PS3.

"Framerate problems on PS3 version of Mass Effect - Power of the Cell??"
"Buh the 360 version had the same problems."
"Shut up, it's a FLOP! 5.9/10!"

js_mac3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

If they fix the glitches, and the ridiculously slow elevators and airlocks I'd probably buy it again.
As for L4D going multiplat: if it does, you can pretty much guarantee that Valve will have nothing to do with it (you'll probably all have read Gabe Newell's views on the PS3. Here's a link if you haven't - ). Like The Orange Box, someone else would do it and make a hack job of it.

3556d ago
003556d ago

You mean fanboys right, Cause most fans of(insert console here)don't really get mad about this stuff, because they're generally gamers.

Marceles3556d ago

Fanboys of (inserts all consoles) won't get mad because they would've already played it on their 360, but I'm sure 360 fanboys who hate PS3 for getting anything would be mad if it went to the PS3. It's rare to see gamers in N4G too btw...there's only been a few where I can actually talk about classic games to that didn't start off in the Halo/God of War generation and I can talk about a game from any system and reminisce

1. No fanboy wants one of their good games to go to a console they hate
2. PS3 fanboys won't let 360 fanboys hear the end of it.

Tempist3556d ago

I lol'd.

On one hand the elevator problems could be fixed and repition of the vehicle being dropped can be newer.

On the other hand, maybe PS3 users have something better to play than space elevator simulator deluxe.

JsonHenry3556d ago


IT IS ALREADY MUTLI-PLATFORM! The 360 and the PC versions have been out forever!

marinelife93556d ago

I'll counter the article's argument.

A port of Mass effect
= tens of millions of dollars in new revenue without having to spend the time and money of creating a new IP.

= A new audience for Mass Effect 2 and 3

= tens of millions more in new revenue without having to spend the time and money creating a new IP.

I think that just about covers it.

AnimeRaven3556d ago


The cost that retailers get games for is suprising low. 1 PS3 game cost them roughly $25 if they buy in bulk and most retailers do the price goes down to around $20. If not how would a retailer such at Target sell a new release game for $35? Just tring to say dev's get paid less than people think. It is not the $60 for the game that is for sure.

Mass Effect would easly sell 1 million copies. I see no reason for them not to bring it to the PS3 if they would like to get the user base for future games. Over they year Bioware has been a great company as a whole. I think they would if they were allowed to. Knowing EA they are screaming for them to do it.

I could be wrong Bioware might keep it on the 360, but the PS3 will see EA porting it themselves as they do with Valve (lazy dev's).

skimming3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

RPGs, even action oriented ones like this one, isn't likely to create that much of a performance problem for the console. This means that performance tweaking that usually has to take place is less intense and less a determining factor in the release schedule.

If parallel development (actually staggered development) were to take place (utilizing same content but different studios) then it will make a lot of sense to release on both platforms.

Ultimately, if ported console is viable and the game sells decently, then its a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Here's to hoping that this games comes to PS3, cause that'll ultimately mean that the devs will get a bigger budget for the sequel.

Sarcasm3556d ago

I don't get it... So when a PS3 game is going multiplatform, it's "business and a necessary move for the company"

But when a 360 game could go multiplatform, it's "they don't have the budget or revenue"

Do people intentionally get stupider? All these lame articles is proof of it.

cherrypie3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Who cares? Well, BioWare should care. The PS3 doesnt have a significant enough install base -- and that base doesnt buy games like Xbox 360 owners.

Look at his "Flops";

blue dragon 600k
unfinite undiscovery 460k
last remnant 500k

Compare that with these PS3 RPG titles:

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice 110k
Valkyria Chronicles 340k
Enchanted Arms 160k
White Knight Chronicles 310k

The author -- and the commentors above -- need to re-calibrate their "flop" meters.

Anh_duong: "mass effect 2 on ps3 will sell about 1 million worldwide" NOT A CHANCE.

The article is telling you why (in the Author's opinio) BioWare isnt interested in a PS3 version becuase it would be a money-loser. I agree with the article.

Bottom line: ME2 on PS3 is a money loser.

pushergreen3556d ago

be Having Mass Effect on the PS3 would severly gimp the 360 version?

supahbad3556d ago

wow where have you been, thats the complete opposite of what is true. you should just not talk anymore

iamtehpwn3556d ago

Final Fantasy XIII, anyone?

The Lazy One3556d ago

Is because it will delay the 360 version and hurt sales. The engine is already running on the 360, and should be optimized for the platform in the sequel.

They'd have to either cut back on optimization bringing the engine up on PS3 or delay the game to have it optimized for both.

I wouldn't be surprised if 2 came out later or 3 was multi-plat from launch, but I think ME2 will probably stay timed exclusive at least.

There's a lot of other factors that come into play, but that's probably the biggest part from bioware's PoV.

NickIni3555d ago

This rings some bells. Maybe it's from articles such as:

FFXIII can't go multiplatform - here's why

pain777pas3550d ago

Terrible article. Just plain rubbish. PS3 should get this game the first and second on one bluray disc. Already played it on my 360 so it would be nice to replay it from one disc then go right into 2.

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TIKUP3556d ago

Well yes it can, Bioware is now owned by EA!!
And everyone knows EA they like to bring a game to every console!!!

pumpkinpunker3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

except for Left 4 Dead. developed by Valve, published by EA, exclusive to the 360.

Bioware is a similar studio to Valve in that they're a relatively small studio that develops for PC like architecture. It would be a huge undertaking to port Mass Effect to the PS3 and I highly doubt MS would let it happen. Especially, when the sales for the PS3 ports of Bioshock and the Orange box flopped so it wouldn't take that much coaxing or money from MS to keep it exclusive. I just don't get how PS3 owners talk a good game but they just don't them. If you want more PS3 ports then buy the ones that have been released. It's easy.

It's not so simple for EA just to port Mass Effect to the PS3 and make money. They have to make a cost/benefit decision whether to devote a studio to the project. They have to determine if that studio could make them more money working on another game.

One last thing, I just can't believe Japan is missing out on the best RPG of this console generation. Trust me, I've played Fallout 3, Fable 2, and Lost Odyssey and they're great games but they don't hold a candle to Mass Effect.

Anon19743556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

EA is the elephant in the room. They make multiconsole games, why on earth would they sit on something as big as Mass Effect and not make it for an extra 19 million PS3 owners who wouldn't mind getting their hands on it.

As for this article it mentioned that Bioware is small and haven't developed anything for the PS3 yet. That's true. But over a year ago they started looking for PS3 guys, these listings were on their job site. As well, whenever I corner someone from Bioware locally and mention the PS3, they instantly get evasive and darty eyed and remind me that "You know we can't say anything." They're all pretty excited about the resources that EA brought to the table.

I've known for the last year that something is up for the PS3. Is it Dragon Age, Mass Effect, KOTOR or all of the above? I simply don't know...but something's brewing.

dragunrising3556d ago

EA does not own Valve nor the IP license of Left 4 Dead. EA's logo isn't even on the Left 4 Dead box of the 360 version.

tfur3556d ago

Quote "Bioware is a similar studio to Valve in that they're a relatively small studio "

Bioware is NOT a small studio. In fact they are huge... hundreds of employees...

Joey Greco RULES3556d ago

really? where? i cant see it.
is it under that rock? im too lazy to check.

Joey Greco RULES3555d ago

you showed me an article from TGR, where they think this rumor "likely" has some truth to it.

what the hell does "likely" mean? and by the is that proof?
so's website says "coming soon" and you believe that?
Kid, you're in for a world of trouble if you believe everything you read on the internet.

well in that case....

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kingxtreme813556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

This guy is talking like Bioware is in charge of what happens with Mass Effect. If he had taken the time to properly inform himself, he would know that EA, not Bioware, controls the fate of Mass Effect.

As a PS3, 360 and PC owner, I couldn't care less what happens with Mass Effect in terms of exclusivity because I can play it regardless. That being said, the likelihood that it won't become multiplat is, in my opinion, rather small.

While I do agree that western-style RPGs won't do as well on the PS3 as they would on the PC and 360, there's still a market there. A market that is sizable enough that it cannot be ignored.

In the end I do believe Mass Effect will show on the PS3. Good if so because Mass Effect is an epic game, and the more people that can play it the better.

In regards to this article, not only is it a bad read and poorly researched, but the headline that the submitting user chose to use is useless flamebait. Combining the shoddiness of the article with the headline, I don't feel this should have been approved.

dragunrising3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Bioware is owned by EA but they are largely independent within the company. Otherwise you wouldn't have the founders of Bioware still working at the studio, would you? Also, the developers original intentions were to keep the franchise on the PC and 360. Otherwise, the ability to transfer characters from one version to the next wouldn't exist and be a priority. I assume that because Mass Effect did not arrive on the PS3 (like Bioshock, after exclusivity ended) there is a much smaller chance of the game getting a sequel.

If Microsoft is smart they will keep Mass Effect 2 exclusive. Why? Because PS3's 2009 line up is rock solid. I don't care if it goes multi-plat as I will buy it regardless, however MS needs to convince people it has a solid 09' line up itself. Development costs and return on investment is another reason it won't switch. Bioshock sold only 300,000 copies after the 360 version was out for a year. To me this is a big warning sign.

cherrypie3556d ago

Isnt it really speculation? Has EA, BioWare or MS every really disclosed who owns the Mass Effect IP?

Sure, I'd love to know to satisfy my curiosity, but we're simply not privy to this information -- none of us.

The author's argument, about the sales (market and audience) vs. expense (development of the PS3 port) is a sound one.

I just cant see the PS3's install base supporting the development costs. Yes, ME runs on UE, and that could lead to an "easier port" and keep costs down enough to do a PS3 version -- but we're not privy to that information either.

Personally, I just dont see it. EA and BioWare arent in business to loose money.

JD_Shadow3556d ago

Your theory is thought up well, but there is some speculation now that the first Mass Effect might end up getting ported, too.

Socomer 19793556d ago

All we have to do to make sure they do is message the crap out of them on the boards. Firstly, they have to fix it.
i beat that game before and had the worst squad a.i. ever in a squad shooter and horrible framerate and texture loading. I dreaded elevators and exploring planets was boring after defeating one i forget the name... maul thresher? youve beat them all.

other than that the story telling and shooting was hot like fire.
except for the squad a.i. that you have to ignore. god! just remembering them is making me mad.

pumpkinpunker3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

you think the squad ai is bad because you need to learn to play the game. you can control the squad. Also, you can even play the game similiar to a turn-based RPG if you frequently pause to give your squad directions.

let me guess, you played all soldier-like classes and tried to play it like an FPS? fail.