Why Wii sucks for third-party games

You've heard this before: third parties claim they can't invest in Wii because Nintendo's first-party titles sell too well, Nintendo claims third parties just aren't trying hard enough. Sounds a bit like the third parties are whining, doesn't it? Start crunching numbers for Wii software sales, though, and it looks like the third parties have a serious point.

Usually game sales work consistently with the business law called Pareto's Principle, which states that 80% of all effects come from 20% of all causes. To put this in game industry terms, generally 80% of all software sales for a given system are generated by 20% of all games released.

This principle holds for the 360 and PS3 market, but not for the Wii.

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Gr813558d ago

Third party's wanna dump on the system and say their sh!t doesn't sell. This whole argument is way past old. Guitar Hero, Tiger Woods, Shaun White all sell best on Wii, The force unleashed outsold the PS3 version. How is this idea still even being mentioned. It is false.

ChickeyCantor3558d ago

I find this logic funny, i mean they make bad games, don't promote it and whine its not selling...

Wii is in most cases better of with a turd than the crap they are making.

SinnedNogara3558d ago

The third party developers (Data Design Interactive, I hope that DDI goes into administration or gets bought by another company, and then all the former DDI employees get fired) make nothing but crappy games and the good games are usually ports that don't fit on the Wii. The Wii can run the engine from COR: Escape from Butcher Bay (MT Frameworks, it can!! The Doom 3 Xbox Engine (id Tech 4, an early version) can run on the Wii because the Wii is a little more powerful than a Xbox.

Mahr3558d ago

I really wish N4G had emoticons, and that it specifically had one for wordlessly expressing derisive laughter.

I guess I'll just have to make do with "Lol Gamepro".

darthv723558d ago

If the wii is better than the ps2 graphically then why aren't the third party games reflecting that? It is a glorified gamecube and yet the cube had some pretty decent third party games too.

I like the wii, I like the nintendo games (except wii music), I like some of the wii ware titles. What gives...?

Third parties need to do more instead of simply trying to make a fast buck on the fact of using the wiimote. Not EVERY game needs motion controls. Bring back some good old school shmups in fancy new gfx like rtype or gradius.

ChickeyCantor3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

The GCN was more powerful in pushing polygons and textures compared to the PS2. Hell it even had better colour depth.
The only difference was that the GCN had a fixed Shader pipeline.
PS2 had an unified shader processor. Meaning that developers could write their own shaders and such.

But by no means was it "more powerful". It was just limited due the fixed shader.
points at RE:4 GCN>PS2.
As where Re:4 had less polygons and worse colour depth than the GCN version.

Developers are just f*cking things up.