NPD Exclusive: US Sales For LBP, MGS4, More Revealed

Research firm The NPD Group provided Gamasutra with data tracking December sales for PlayStation 3 exclusives like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2, and revealing that Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 sold one million units in the U.S. -- figures and analysis.

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Pennywise3556d ago

Good read. Things arent as bad as people make it out to be.

shine13963556d ago

Gamasutra in my experiance have been the broadsheets of game journalism. ign would probably be a tabloid, with something like Kotaku being the equivalent of the daily star here in the uk. they write with their target audience in mind.

Ju3556d ago

Yep, I am actually surprised that R2 is on LBP level, and almost on the way to the 1M here. Wasn't that bad of a game, hah ?

chinatown3556d ago

NPD never track bundled copies, and the copies that were sold a week before the official launch date, which would make total number of LBP at least 700k.

StayHigh3556d ago

Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet sold pretty good..It will sell a million in no time in North America..

Homicide3556d ago

MGS4 sold terrible even for being bundled.

dantesparda3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

As all these guys on the internet like to say, "you just owned yourself". Cuz read the article, it clearly states that the bundled ones werent counted, not to mention that a few other guys have already mentioned that in their posts before yours, yet here you still are with this sh!t. Ok, man, whatever floats your boat.

But what i wanna know is if NPD is just the US or if its Canada too? And they dont count Walmart right? (and isnt Walmart the biggest video game retailer in the US?)

Prototype3556d ago

I'd rather 1 million people who bought the game and KEEP it than 6 million who trades it in the next day at GameStop. Seriously a lot of the MS base seems to be so bent on sales of games and hardware, yet they seem to get very quiet when someone mentions the resale shelf of various gaming stores. I have yet to walk into a GameStop or another store and see more than 4 USED copies of MGS4, LBP, R2, etc. yet I see at least 20+ copies of Halo 3 and Gears of War 2.

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aspergersyndrome3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4. The PS3's biggest game of 2008 took 6 months to sell a million in the US; 6 months, SIX WHOLE MONTHS!!!

Chris3993556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Out there, in that great, big world we live in, it's close to or has exceeded 4 million in sales. By the same reasoning, I could look at the 360 in Japan - only - and call it a terrible failure.

Business exists on a global level. Still, with a relatively small U.S. install base, over 6 months, MGS 4 has sold to approximately 1 in every 7 PS3 users.

I don't think that anyone should be questioning by now whether or not this game was a success - it was.

PirateThom3556d ago

This is an entirely American thing.

The game sold well across Europe and Japan.

Then again, it also doesn't include the bundles.

-GametimeUK-3556d ago

And the world isnt the U.S.

twoface3556d ago

But the U.S is in the world

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shine13963556d ago

but is it the most important?

PirateThom3556d ago

Nope, Europe generates a lot more revenue than the US for nearly every publisher now.

Chris3993556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

What is this some sort of rhetorical, philosophical, logic loop? (insert random smiley face picture)

As Thom stated Europe generates more revenue anyway - especially now, in light of the recession, so who really cares?

Dread3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

hey i am only curious as to how exactly european market generates more software profit for developers when in the u.s. they sell a lot motre software.

is it magic, the exchange rate, i do not know?

please explain.

can u provide a sales anything.

MegaMohsi3556d ago

It's sold over 4 million Worldwide not including bundles, which would probably put the number closer to or over 5 million so that's the PS3's best selling game by far.

PirateThom3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Well, the games now sell for around the same price. European software used to cost a lot more. Recently though, European sales caught up to US sales. I'm guessing there's some magica reason publishers had Europe at higher margins than the US.

A lot of people take the UK and forget about Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the other smaller markets. The video game industry started getting a lot bigger in Europe, partly because of Wii and DS.

Ju3556d ago

Europe is catching up in numbers. The # sold lately reach US levels (no wonder, the market is bigger then the US, appr. 400-500M (EU) vs. 380M in the US, buying power in the eastern countries needs to catch up, but eventually the market is 1/4th bigger there). Add to this that the Eur. is about 30% more then the US$, but the prices are the same (e.g. $60 is Eur 60 over there). Means, same or bigger market + even 30% more revenue based on currency exchange ratio. And currently looks like the economic break down affects Europe less then the US.

pumpkinpunker3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

vg chartz is way over-tracking the PS3 in both hardware and software. they have MGS4 selling almost 1.5 million in America while NPD has MGS4 at 1 million.


Nope, Europe's economy is shrinking at a faster rate than the USA now. Also, the Euro is fading against the dollar along with the pound.

"Traders believe the U.S. is likely to see the light at the end of the tunnel before the U.K. and certainly before the euro-zone," Mellor said. "This is risk aversion and flight to quality, no question about it."

USA sneezes Europe gets a cold.

Rhythmattic3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

So what your saying is US gamers have no taste ?

Ju3556d ago

@pumpkinpunker This is wishful thinking of the last generation. The European economy can use some self-esteem, given. But times have changed. UK tries usually to do their own thing, but they are only one part there. Usually Europeans like to be pessimistic, while the US sees things in pink. Eventually it levels out. The EUR goes nowhere, I am watching this since years now (given I am paying a EUR loan in US$ - argl!), and couldn't hope more that we get back to 1:1, but any indication in the past was just proven wrong.

ChrisGTR13556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

actually i think the US is the most important region, not only were most ps2s sold here but also you have to keep into account the piracy in europe so thats less buisness fof them. why do you think sony released the ps3 first in USA and delayed the europe version? cause europe dosent matter.

Homicide3556d ago

It sold terrible for the must have game for the PS3.

SuperM3556d ago

They released it first in US, yet the EU PS3 install base is already alot higher then the US install base. Europe is the best region for the PS3. Here in Norway where i live the PS3 game sales represent 25% of the market, which means it is the console bringing in the most revenue. Wii have 19% of the game sales market and 360 has 15% (although that doesnt include Microsoft published games). Concidering 360 launched a year and a half before the PS3 here, i guess you can call that a massive failure.

Danja3556d ago

Koonami has stated that MGS4 has sold over 4.5 Million...and that was 3 months ago.....

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techie3556d ago

"The figures shown here, however, are only for sales of the boxed versions of Metal Gear Solid 4. Total sales are likely much higher, since additional copies were sold to consumers in special PlayStation 3 hardware bundles."

Pennywise3556d ago

I know a bunch of people who bought the MGS bundle. I am sure it sold well. I am curious to see how many bundles sold... Bubbles with any info!

ThaGeNeCySt3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I was one of them lol

$499.99 for a PS3 80GB (with BC), DS3, MGS4, -$100 for using a sony card for a grand total of $435 (or around there) = WIN in my opinion

Sez 3556d ago

ROFLMFAO. MGS4 sold more on it's opening month(775) then it did from july-dec(301). stop stop. i can't stop laughing. no no wonder why you guys hate talking about sales. LMFAO. this is too funny

Magic_The_Celt3556d ago

i dont get it?... games always sell more in there opening month?.. whats funny? did you win something do you work for microsoft!?!? oh wait..

Sez 3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

i laughing because a game sonyfanboys and sony consider their "FLAGSHIP TITLE" sold like sh!t. yes games do sell more in their first month of release. but to only sell 1 million copies for the whole year in total for the US is a shame. and don't bother with the bundles. as you couldn't tell or give actuarial count to what sold bundle or sold separate. after reading this article. i would be really worried about the sales of KZ2. sh!t the way sony sells games. i wouldn't be suprized if SO4,halo wars,and GTA4 DLC outsold KZ2 by themselves.

Magic_The_Celt3556d ago

^ But it was a flagship title?

-it was the first must have PS3 game

-it was the first game in the iconic playstation franchise games to come (i.e final fantasy, god of war, metal gear solid etc.) and to become next gen

-it sold very well for a PS3 game

-it was immensely popular

-it was one of the highest scoring games of 08

So yes, it was a flagship title indeed, i still dont see what is funny..

Graphics Whore3556d ago

You know what's even more funny? Gears of War 2 still hasn't outsold MGS4 world wide.

For people who whore out sales records like they make a game better, I'm surprised none of you brought that up.

thereapersson3556d ago

It's simple:

Vega75 and Jason360 aren't real gamers. :)

Sez 3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

oh so i not a real gamer.because MGS4 old @ss legs gave out on it. i brought the game when it released. more than i could say for most of you guys. since this is your flagship title.

question? do you own a 360? because i see you bashing 360 titles too. how much of a gamer are you. like it's ok for you to express your opinion about 360 and it's ok. cause you more of a gamer than i am? right. your a hypocrite dude. stop acting like your any better. or better yet take your own advise.( i hate a hypocrite)

@Graphics Whore

stop lying to yourself. gears already outsold MGS4. next months NPD report will prove it. it's not like MGS4 will get a boost of life just to keep higher sells over gears2. which is a shame . that a game that was released two months ago caught up and beat a game that was released since the begining of the summer.

what happed to " oh when MGS4 come out the 360 will be dead" or " people are waiting for MGS4 to buy a ps3 then it will be over for the 360" looks like not that many people was waiting for MGS4 be the sales now do it. and the sad fact that you have to guess MGS4 sales numbers cause sony has to bundle every exclusive. shows that sony doesn't have faith in it's titles to sell them selves and have to hide sales numbers. the same thing they are going to do with KZ2.

you guys need to face the facts. that you are the only ones that believe everyone will run out and buy KZ2 and all these so called great exclusives. when in fact it's only you guys preaching about these games. are the only ones buying them. and most of you guys on here aren't buying these games. because they would have done alot better. whats your excuse fr R2. 60 players online, two story modes, blah blah blah. but the sad case is. NO ONE INTERESTED. which would pretty much say the same for KZ2. but don't worry i will help you guys out and buy it. just as i did MGS4,R2. since you guys don't support your own games. oh which make me more of a gamer since i own more than one console. can you two say the same. i mean since you guys are SO MUCH OF A GAMER than most people on this site.

snyper8313556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

you are wrong graphics whore, for your info gears of war2 sold 2.1 million copies in its first week on sale and so far it has sold over 4 million copies worldwide in just two months!!!!! thats really impressive considering metal gear 4 has sold only over 1 million in the us in 6 months dont you think??????????

thereapersson3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Yeah, I own a 360, and I game on it too. It's just that I don't laugh at software sales when all the negativity only serves to hurt developers. Why would you laugh at a developer's hardships like that? That's why I called you out. Hell, I never bashed SK when Too Human didn't sell, so I don't understand the behavior here by all the trolls.

I really don't see what the big deal is. I mean, so long as a game continues to sell, what does it matter if it sells a million in a week, or a month? It's all revenue for the developers now, isn't it? I'm sure the average gamer like you say doesn't wait for a game to hit 4 million copies before they can consider it a success. Most people just buy what they're interested in, or what their friends are playing, regardless of sales numbers.

If you do have a PS3, I'd like to add your name to my list. I've seen a ton of anti-Sony behavior from you in the past (and even currently), so you know... I can't let the hypocrisy slide. :)

And Jason 360 just trolls articles for a living, so no real shock there.

(BTW, don't ask for a gamertag from me, because I don't have LIVE.)

Sez 3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

dude. plz get off that. "im holier than thou BS" plz. ok. i didn't rag on the dev's for their work. but on the fanbays that claimed that MGS4 was a flagship title. yet didn't get the support in sales from who? thats right sonyfanboys. the same fanboys that claim every game coming out or released is the best thing since slice bread. i know you know what i'm talking about. because i' ve seen you post negative comments about the 360. again you are trying to take a high road because i call you out first dude. and being a hypocrite about it because i'm doing the same.

do care if you want to send me a invite. my PSN ID is in my bio's . but i will give it again. hannibal1275 my XBL ID hannibal75. as far as me laughing at the dev's hardship. i'm not so please reread my post. i'm laughing at sonyfanboys and the way sony sells their games by having to bundle every exclusive.

you want to call me out. because i said something you didn't like about the ps3.(your favorite console of choice) then how much of a real gamer are you really. a gamer is someone that doesn't take any side they just enjoy the games on both system. yet you felt the need to call me out. how many sonyfanboys have you called out. because the said something about the 360? answer NONE. so where do you get off trying. "AND I DO MEAN TRYNG". to act like your more of a gamer than i am. as i said before i brought MGS4 just like i brought R2. sad that since i'm not a gamer but still buy ps3 games. but because i don't have sony's [email protected] in my month,praising sony from the rafters,and choose to bash sony. i a bad guy.

so if you want to add me go ahead. i play games just like the next person. and i'm just as much entitle to my opinion just as much as the next fanboy. but before you start trying to act like your better. you need to look in the mirror. start calling out the sonyfanboys. like your claiming your doing to me. if not. like i said before your a HYPOCRITE.

Xbots play games3555d ago

Holy Shizzam! Graphicswhore and Thereapersson tried to attack Vega and got ATE ALIVE!!!LMFAO!!! Somebody give Vega a bubble quick!!

thereapersson3555d ago

No, he really didn't own me, because his lengthy post is itself an exercise in ironic behavior.

"a gamer is someone that doesn't take any side they just enjoy the games on both system. yet you felt the need to call me out"


Think about that statement for a second, and the basis behind my argument.

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