First footage of PS3 Red Alert 3

D+PAD has the launch trailer for Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition, which contains the first footage of Red Alert 3 on PlayStation 3.

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pwnsause4258d ago

this game probably has the most ridiculous storyline ever.

Raoh4258d ago

was this game good? i wish developers would add keyboard and mouse support for some console games.

bigrob1234258d ago

wow looking good didnt pick this up for the pc and my bro did not buy it for his 360 so i may pick this up wouldnt mind seeing how this stacks up again end war since that game is awsome cant w8 09 is gonna crumble my wallet more than 08 lol so that means killzone 2 street fighter 4 res5 uncharted 2 god of war 3 and now c&c red alert lol