The Weapons of Killzone 2 - HD Video Blowout!

What weapons will we talk about when we reminisce about Killzone 2? Only time will tell. For now though, enjoy's exclusive Weapons of Killzone 2 feature, where they give you the inside track on the tools of destruction you'll be using when the game launches next month. And don't forget to check out the videos, where you'll be treated to a kill and the gorgeous reload animations in glorious HD.

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Gamekings3556d ago

3 new weapons were not shown

the game weapons are as awesome as the gameplay and graphics

Amnesiac3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

"and there aren't many bullets in a clip"
"Don't worry if you miss, either - the generous eight round clip keeps you in the mix for ages."

GRRRRRR It's called a MAGAZINE not a clip.

Also, this game looks beyond incredible.

PoSTedUP3556d ago

lol, i call it a clip!

hey i wonder if this game will account for the bullet in the chamber. like when you reload without dumping the whole clip, the one bullet is still in the chamber so after you reload you have 31 instead of 30.

Amnesiac3556d ago

LOL @ someone disagreeing with me. HAHAHAHAH I love N4G.

PoSTedUP3556d ago

im 2 for 2... not bad ; )

Sheddi3556d ago

haha yeah i got two disagrees for my comment further down :P
i guess some people must be jealous that they cant play this game.

ultimolu3556d ago

Multiple accounts! On your mark...get set...disagree!
Bah, don't worry about it.

Kleptic3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

maybe people disagreed because the '8 rounds in a clip' was a reference to the shotgun...which doesn't have a magazine either...I didn't disagree, just saying, its not a magazine either...the shells are loaded invidually, not in any grouped container like cartridge based weapons...

it holds 7 shells in the tube, and 1 in the any pump action shotgun (although the amount different shotguns hold can be different; the principle is the same)...

and no doesn't account for the occasional chambered round you would have...the shotgun can hold 8 total...any time you reload it takes you back to 8 can count how many your dude inserts in the gun though...and if you only fired 3 times, he only puts 3 in...etc...every other weapon is just a new mag/clip, whatever you want to call keeps the 'fake' reload style of nearly every other shooter... could fire half a clip, and then reload, but you don't lose that half of clip of ammo that you theoretically just tossed on the stays in your total ammo count...some games forced you to use all of your ammo before reloading, as you would lose that ammo if you didn't...and that proved to be unfun for a relatively arcadey a bare bones tactical shooter focused on realism (where 1 or 2 shots max puts someone down), it works fine...but for killzone 2, it would be frustrating to need a full mag to take out multiple people, but not want to reload because you wold lose those 20 bullets or whatever...

PoSTedUP3556d ago

i wasent really referring to a shot gun, but like an assault rile or pistol. see in mgs4, when you start with say 11 bullets in a pistol clip, you shoot off a couple of rounds then reload, and it would give you 12 rounds because it accounts for that one bullet in the chamber, uncharted does this also.

socom doesn't account for the bullet in the chamber but if you shoot half a clip then reload, it saves that clip and you will eventually come across it later on. thats why i shoot the rest of a clip off after i kill someone, i hate reloading in a time of need and find only 3 rounds in that clip lol.

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Yomiro3556d ago

It is useless to resist killzone 2

Mr_Zkaar3556d ago

You have just been KILLZONED!

Sheddi3556d ago

I want to watch this but i cant because i want to experience it fully by my own.

Kleptic3556d ago

well the only value this article has is explaining the guns...the videos attatched are almost worthless, as it just shows a single shot or two from each weapon already shown from the preview build...

it doesn't show what is rumored to be a few more (i have seen one at least not in this article) weapons later in the didn't really ruin anything for me, as I have used all but 2 of those personel carried guns in the beta, and all but 1 of the emplacements...

but yeah...I kind of wish I wasn't always looking for new stuff on killzone it would all be a surprise in the final game...i'm addicted...and the first one was free...i'm fecked...

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