Japan '08: PS3 Software Sales up 75%; DS Dominates


"Nintendo and their handheld dominate Japan's 2008 software sales, but the PlayStation 3 experiences a healthy increase.

In Famitsu's end of 2008 numbers, they reveal that 47 of the top 100 best selling games in Japan are Nintendo DS titles.

The PlayStation 3 experienced the largest software sales growth, with a 75% increase over 2007; spearheaded by Metal Gear Solid 4."

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Helghast Slayer3558d ago

So can anybody explain to me why SE still hasn't released a single ps3 game in 2 years? Because logic says they would sell twice as much software even it they where mediocre. The japanese sure as hell love their RPG's.

Darkseider3558d ago

SE has been tainted and refuse to use common sense. The data shows that the Playstation platform (PS2, PSP, PS3) have all shown exceptional sales in 2008. Not to mention that the PS3 and PSP enjoyed a healthy increase YoY from 2007 in overall software sales. Yet with all this sitting right in front of their noses for review SE remains adamant about their new policies and procedures. Well... stupid is as stupid does I guess.

muddygamesite3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

"So can anybody explain to me why SE still hasn't released a single ps3 game in 2 years? Because logic says they would sell twice as much software even it they where mediocre. The japanese sure as hell love their RPG's."

Thats really simple. M$ Cheque book is keeping them from sinking. They probably made a secret agreement with M$ to keep their games off the PS3. Any other company who was famous with the Playstation brand, but chose to neglect it all of a sudden would have collapsed under financial crisis. The reason why they havent collapsed is due to the under the table money they are receiving. It is keeping them afloat. The situation cannot be viewed from a logical angle. It is simply illogical.

Helghast Slayer3558d ago

Great points guys bubbles each. It just saddens me to see a once unmatched company who churned out so many classics now fall to the level of greed. Oh well, level 5's WKC and the 5 unannounced sony rps's will probably be out before FF13 anyway.

lelo3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Have you ever thought that maybe making a PS3 game takes the double of the time then making a X360 game... making the game much cheaper to produce for the X360.

Ju3558d ago

No, it does not.

(BTW: Even with double the time they would have a product out by now).

Captain Tuttle3558d ago

According to Kaz it might be because Sony made the PS3 hard to work with. And he thinks that's a good thing.

deeznuts3558d ago

Cause? $$$$$$$
Source? MS

theKiller3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

MS probably payed them millions to keep some exclusives for 360! so for SE they work less and easier to make a crap game that hardly anybody buys and in return they get millions for those game, almost as if they didnt spend a cent on making the games and in return they get 10-50 million USD from MS just to keep it for 360, i think SE is not doing that bad as MS, MS is losing a lot of money on SE and getting crap broken games from SE and at the same time SE is damaging their image and could get more money if they make ps3 games.

so the real loser r

1: MS
2: SE
3: sony(by not securing any games from them so far)

Saigon3558d ago

then why has SE made [email protected] games for the 360 so far...

Anon19743558d ago

But still, one region making up 13% of the world market. Considering the size of the industry it doesn't really matter that there's another region that's bigger, with the money we're talking here that's a pretty big deal.

lelo3558d ago

"then why has SE made [email protected] games for the 360 so far... "

Maybe because they make a game in 6-12 months and make money selling like 300-400k world wide. For those games they probably don't need multi-million sales to make money.

Let's suppose they receive 20$ from each game sale (game costing 60$ for the consumer) ... selling 400k world wide ... that gives 8 million dollars they receive for a sh*tty game.

PS: what's up with the disagrees for my previous comment... even Square have commented that it's much harder to program for the PS3 then the X360. Are you guys that ignorant?

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sinncross3558d ago

Once Square sees the explosion created from FF13 they rethink what's going on.

I mean, if Last Remnant sells better on the PS3 then the 360 then that would be a head turner indeed.

Kouzmich3558d ago

They just need to include FFXIII demo in Last Remnat PS3 version and the game will sell mil. or even 2 mil. for sure.

techie3558d ago

I doubt they'd do that.

Montrealien3558d ago

do people realize how small the japanese market is?

techie3558d ago

Depends what you're selling

Anon19743558d ago

When you start looking at the figures alone - so far the world has spent approx 30 billion on consoles this gen. 14% of that has been from one region...Japan.
Now, obviously the US is the biggest gaming market with approx 45% of consoles sold being sold in that region. But when you take that away and figure that out of the other 55% of games consoles sold out there, 13 percent is from one country alone...that's one serious, game loving country.

Montrealien3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I was infact comparing it to NA market and I was right, compared to the NA market, it is small. Japan is clearly in the top 5 gaming markets, but why some people care so much about their sales charts is beyond me.

Andrewww3558d ago

Why the world obviously cares so much about NA news, opinions, sales numbers, useless mortgages, etc. is beyond me, watching things from a European angle. Seems just a matter of viewpoint.

Montrealien3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Oh pls Andrewww, Get off your European high horse, we all make the same face when we take a sh*t. I was just pointing out that the NA videogame market is the largest, and the Japan is small compared to it, was I wrong? Everytime we see sales numbers from Japan, it's like videogame's mount Olympus is telling us how many togas they sold, and since togas are big over there, they must be big everywhere else.

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jams_shop3558d ago


# Nintendo DS - 4,029,804
# PSP - 3,543,171
# Nintendo Wii - 2,908,342
# Playstation 3 - 991,303< look here
# Playstation 2 - 480,664
# Xbox 360 - 317,859< and look here

lol remember when people were saying the ps3 was done in japan just because the 360 outsold it for three weeks straight by a couple thousands

Darkseider3558d ago

Although what you point out is relevant I find this a bit more telling and oddly humorous as well.


# Nintendo DS - 4,029,804
# PSP - 3,543,171
# Nintendo Wii - 2,908,342
# Playstation 3 - 991,303
# Playstation 2 - 480,664< LOOK HERE
# Xbox 360 - 317,859< AND LOOK HERE

The PS2 which will be 9 years old in Japan come March of this year has outsold the XBox 360. This is just a testament to Sony and the staying power of their consoles.

perseus3558d ago

I think it's more a testament to the importance of price when people are poorer than normal. You can get a PS2 for half the price of a 360, the game library is unbeatable, and without a big HDTV, it's hard to see the graphical difference anyway.

Darkseider3558d ago

Interesting theory but how would you then explain the PS3 outselling the XBox 360 and PS2 combined if it were a matter of price/games? Simply put price is a non-factor in this and the quality of the machine and available games, regardless of price, dictate sales. The Wii is more expensive than the XBox 360 and literally murdered it in sales it also handed the PS3 its' ass as well. So again price cannot factored into this equation.

techie3558d ago

good point. I wouldnt say selling less than one million in a year is that great though...

Ju3558d ago

I think price is a factor. But I would separate the market here. On one hand there are customers who just go for the cheap entry entertainment and then there is the other half who wants to have everything, and the best and what not. So, if price is the only factor, then I think the PS2 directly competes against the 360. And here it clearly has a price advantage. I would guess these customers would also have SD-TVs, which would take a huge benefit away from the 360 (why a HD console, if you wouldn't see the diff anyway - well you do, but say from a customer perception). OTHO you have people with high end equipment. They want the max. Now, why settle for less. In that case, I think money does not play the primary role. It does to some extend, but overall features count much more. At least that's my theory about that.

So, that said, I think there is a whole market (segment) where price counts, and there is another where features count more.

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ultimolu3558d ago

WTF? The PS3 is supposed to be dying man!

Again, questioning Square's sanity.

BMS843558d ago

PS 3 sells good , 360 allmost dead.

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