Ten (PC) games with exaggerated hardware requirements

PCG Hardware lists ten games with unjustified high hardware requirements. More than 2000 gamers were asked to give their opinion.

1. Crysis Warhead
2. Far Cry 2
3. GTA 4

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InyaAzz3584d ago

getting prompted to install software from an untrusted source ??

ThanatosDMC3584d ago

If it asks, dont go to the site and dont install anything.


WoW Should be at top 1 because it dosen't even look half as good as Guild Wars and it requires more and Gears of War runs better than WoW on my computer yet my computer costs as much as 4 Xbox 360's

moses3584d ago

Don't know about you, but I max out Farcry 2 at 1920x1200 with 8xAA with over 60 fps, it's not a hardware eater. Crysis and GTA IV are a totally different story.

Charlie26883584d ago

Far Cry 2 should be removed and replaced by Saints Row 2, FC2 looks incredible and runs like butter even on modest systems...Saints Row 2 even on a high end PCs chokes

And why the hell is Crysis Warhead there when it runs CONSIDERABLY better than the original Crysis?