Analyst: Don't Neglect The Power Of A Console Exclusive

Online traffic analysis group Compete has released the latest in its reports, this time covering the power of a console exclusive by noting the triple demand for Halo 3 a year from launch compared to Gears of War.

Though, Compete says, Gears of War fits every definition of a "staple in any gamer's library," with nearly 3 million copies sold worldwide (a figure which it equates to 1 for every 3 Xbox 360s), the "true killer app should drive people to buy the console."

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specialguest4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Seems like the 360 will have powerhouse exclusives to cover the rest of it's life span. GOW last year and HALO 3 this year. After that, GOW2 for 08?

**Waiting for Marty McMart-alot to post his typical 360 exclusives list and make some rehashed Mart comments**

weekapaugh4259d ago

theMART busts on the PS3 for not having a killer app yet it took the 360 a year to get one.

theMART = hypocrite

Hayabusa 1174259d ago

Did he really? He should know better. The Playstation name is it's killer app: people buy it just because it's called a "Playstation". Although, it seems this time people are discouraged because of it's high price point. I do wonder what the PS3's first true killer app will be.

FirstknighT4259d ago

...actually your wrong. The 360 had Call of Duty 2 from day 1. Also Graw and Oblivion soon followed. These 3 games screamed AAA!!! Not to mention all the other fantastic games in PGR3, Dead or Alive, Kameo, Dead Rising, etc...
The list goes on and on. The 360 had everything covered early on. The ps3 has zilch!

PureGamer4259d ago

but they are talking about exclusives, and a few them arnt exclusives.
Hayabusa 117 is right the PLaystation name is sonys selling point.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4258d ago

"PLaystation name is sonys selling point." thats because thats all they have anymore with all there games going multi.