Norweigian YTD sales for 2008

NSM has released the sales numbers of respective platforms for the year 2008 in terms of percentages . Norway represents 4% of total sales in the European region

PS3 - 25.8%
X360 - 15.4%
Wii - 13.2%
DS - 10.5%
PC - 8.2%

closely followed by PS3

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Gamekings3559d ago

virtually it costs almost thrice as an x360 in most european regions and still it is handily beating it

imagine ps3 sales at 200 euro/250 euro

*****head explodes**********

IdleLeeSiuLung3559d ago

As a note, there is less than 5 million people in Norway. They also have a long history of viewing Sony electronic products as top of the line like Porsche or Mercedes is for cars. It is therefore no suprise that PS3 sell that well.

The Arcade SKU sells for about 40% cost of the PS3 there.

I'm actually suprised MS has 10% marketshare there. I thought it would be less. Nobody over there seem to care about the 360....

IzKyD13313559d ago

nasim accusing is really old, every pro-PS3 comment doesn't automatically mean it's nasim writing it

Firstkn1ghT3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Oh man Nasim! :/ Are you ever going to throw up the white flag? The 360 has won dude.

Axe993559d ago

Not sure who this 'Nasim' bloke is, but given the relatively same number of PS3s and 360s sold in Calendar 2008 worldwide, (withing 10 per cent of each other, or thereabouts) either side proclaiming that they had won sounds a bit wishful. And, as always, the best result is that neither side wins and that we have two healthy, competing next-gen consoles (as always, the Wii doesn't count - if it was serious competition we'd all be playing Xbox Sports Hotel by now!)

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Baba19063559d ago

and the world isnt norway. whats your point? its not like this article is claiming that norway is the world or that it is the UK.

thor3559d ago

Well yeah but we don't have access to worldwide data.

It's interesting to see that in certain European territories the PS3 is more popular than both the 360 AND the Wii. I think Spain is another example.

The UK or the US isn't the whole world either ;)

Gamekings3559d ago

PS3 is doing fabulous in all parts of europe

sometimes it is trailing wii. sometimes it is beating wii

in UK PS3 was beating x360 until the price cut

However in other places ps3 still beats everything else

in UK too PS3 will beat even the will once the price comes down. It is thrice the price of an x360 there

Pennywise3559d ago

He has no point except to piss people off with his comments.

Karum3559d ago

The PS3 isn't quite thrice the price of a 360 in the UK.

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ultimolu3559d ago

Wait....I thought the U.S equals the world?

Gamekings3559d ago

But ps3 will easily win this gen war too
i mean at thrice the price point it is ravaging competition in many parts of the world

wont be surprised if ps3 wins this gen based solely on european sales

dredgewalker3559d ago

Leave it to the europeans and asians to appreciate fine hardware...

Gamekings3559d ago

It is 400$ .

just give it time.

with KZ2 ps3 has a very good chance of murdering competition in USA since americans love FPS

this day or other ..ps3's victory is almost guaranteed in USA too

dredgewalker3559d ago

Oh no im not worried about the ps3 sales in the US cause they are doing great for a system with twice the price of the competitor. Im asian and i find that the PS3 community here is larger than the 360. Even if you can have a 360 modded here and play bootlegs the reliability issues scare us a lot since the warranty does not apply here plus you cant go online on a modded unit. Even if i had to pay a lot for original games i never regretted it cause i only buy games that i love. I do hope the western stigma on the PS3 wears off because its troubling how much lies are spread in the net regarding the PS3's condition, capabilities, value and games.

Anon19743559d ago

Last night I was talking to a friend and he told me about his 360 RROD'd over the weekend. And that's it. That made it every single person I know with a 360 has had at least one RROD now. Personally I've had 2 rrod and a disk gouging unit that they sent me as a replacement.

And I don't get it. Reports claimed that it was 33% orgininally. Then they revamped the motherboard and it was 10%. One in 10. And yet here I am with every single 360 owner I know having gone through it at least once. My buddy said he's the same way, he doesn't know a single person who hasn't had it happen to them. He tried to fix it himself being an IT guy, voided his warranty, sold it to a guy off the net who buys rrod 360 for $100 and then bought an arcade for $200 and hopes he's good now.

It still amazes me that American's snatch up the system, knowing full well the issues. Certianly if I had any inkling as to the problems I would face as a 360 owner I would have never bought one but Microsoft covered their tracks pretty well at the beginning.

dredgewalker3559d ago

lol.....I dont really hate the 360, its MS fault for making it that way. If it werent for the hardware issues i would have bought one and put it aside my PS3.

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InMyOpinion3559d ago

"According to the press release Sales figures for 2008 show that the Nintendo Wii was the most sold game, closely followed by the Playstation 3

NOTE: It is emphasized in the press release that the figures for the Xbox 360 is probably a bit higher. Microsoft does not report sales figures directly, section at NSM is therefore based on figures from third-party distributors."

Gamekings3559d ago

press release of MS = numbers from Vgchartz

X360 is not even advertised in many countries of europe. For instance in germany i have never seen an x360 ad. I barely saw an x360 in any market there.

MS press release had x360 outselling ps3 in spain//italy/france,

In reality PS3 beat x360 by mega margins according to official figures

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