Neocrisis : Mirror's Edge PC Review

Rice and Beans writes "Using the power of the Unreal 3 engine, Mirror's Edge was one of the best looking games to come out on consoles in 2008 and it's visual prowess carries over to the PC with even more flare. That is, if your PC can handle the updated visuals. The rooftops Faith traverses over give a grand look over the city and, wow, is it a sight to behold. From atop, you can almost get lost in the hundreds of buildings rendered, all sharply detailed and never losing detail, even in the distance. Fall to the floor and you'll see a fully realized city below complete with streets, cars, and people going about their business.

Simply put, there are few other games that offer the type of immersion and visuals that Mirror's Edge does. What you won't see is a dirty or grimy looking city, but instead an almost too clean looking with clues spread all about the game that make you feel like Big Brother is watching you. Faith jumps, slides, and performs any other trick up her sleeve, absolutely flawless. I'll say it again, this game makes all her moves completely believable and will make you think running on walls in real life is a piece of cake."

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