Halo Wars review embargo lifts on February 20

Microsoft confirmed yesterday that the Halo Wars review embargo will lift on February 20 at 2.00pm GMT.

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Capt CHAOS3558d ago

The industry has the reviewers over a barrel.

And before the Sony fanboy twats start b1tching, this isn't a MS thing.

Gamekings3558d ago

but bad for a game like Halo wars which looks bad even from the demo vids

halo wars is being released at the same time as KZ2,fear 2 and SF4

you know its fate

P4KY B3558d ago

Whatever the score is, it would be 10% higher if MS would allow for mouse support on the 360.


SW3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

It's an RTS on a console that always equals suck no matter what system it's for.

And I agree with P4KY. If they ever allowed for such support then it wouldn't suck so bad. But that is the main problem with the transition from PC to console is the lack of KB/Mouse. Which are a needed item when playing this genre of game.

beavis4play3558d ago

i wonder how many people will buy because they see "halo" in the name? then, get home and find out it's an RTS.

pumpkinpunker3558d ago

probably the same amount of people who will buy KZ2 thinking it's a good game and then get home and find out it sucks.


Thank you, I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress and I recommend trying the out the Sushi bar. Good night.

RebornSpy3558d ago

I'm a big fan of the Halo universe. I've read all the books and play the games. Unfortunately the newest game is an RTS, which almost always suck on consoles. I might just get it for the story, assuming it doesn't butcher the canon. Of course, if reviews are low, I might just find a summary on youtube.

gaffyh3558d ago

LMAO at the fanboys that always bring KZ2 into the comments when it has nothing to do with the story. KZ2 will be better than Halo wars, 100% guaranteed, whether it sells more is a different issue.

I can;t wait until all the threads start popping up about Halo wars and how bad it sucks, lol, and all you xbox fanboys are going to buy it just because it has "Halo" in the name hhaahahahahahahahaha. It's the next Too Human, Lair, Haze. Just face it.

RebornSpy3558d ago

It seems that in every article there's a PS3 fanboy saying that Killzone 2 is better than whatever game is being discussed. Occasionally there is a 360 fanboy who makes some remark about Killzone 2. I get it. The game will be great. Now stop talking about it in unrelated stories.

And how can Killzone 2 be better than Halo Wars? They're completely different genres. I, for one, will probably get both.

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peeps3558d ago

will be interesting to see how this does. kinda feel the halo name will drive sales tbh even if its just an average rts. still don't believe rts can work well on a console despite c&c3 doing a gd job but that doesn't take away from the fact the pc version is better simply because you can use a m&k.

not sure if they're bringing it out around the time as a sony big hitter to compete or just coincidence but they're obv two very different games. For my rts fix i think i'll be getting dow2 instead.

Who knows though, perhaps this will turn out to be really really gd and may have to give it a purchase. my estimation will be that it'll get scores around the 8/10 mark and get put down for controls

SW3558d ago

I can tell you that if Ensemble had put the time in effort into making this a Game For Windows, then it would have been a buy for me. I know it probably wasn't their decision. Maybe if sales are poor enough the will realize that a port to PC was the way to go on this one.

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