GameSpot: Saints Row 2 (PC) Video Review

GameSpot writes: "Tom Mc Shea heads back to Stilwater in this Saints Row 2 video review for the PC."

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Horny3647d ago

I picked this game up last week for 360. As much as people like to b!tch about GTA4 the game is better in every way besides having more content and customization. If your into those types of games pick it up, I have both myself. If you only want one I recommend GTA4.

kittoo3647d ago

That GTA became the victim of 'bash it cause its famous' phenomenon. I liked it a lot (and I never liked any GTA before). I liked that they went for more realistic approach. The city was wonderfully realized, the most 'living and breathing' city in a video game. The story line as really good.
Unfortunately, I got Saints row 2 on PC and man it sucks donkey balls on PCs. Its the worse port I have ever encountered. it looks like a PS2 game on highest possible settings and runs so bad......

Mavole3647d ago

The PC version sucks pretty hard. Sell it on ebay and buy it on 360 or something.