The Maw invades XBLA today

Twisted Pixel's highly anticipated debut title, The Maw, arrives on Xbox Live Arcade today.

This 3D action-adventure costs 800 Microsoft Points and sees players controlling an alien named Frank as he tries to manage The Maw, a cute little blob with an insatiable appetite that makes him the most dangerous creature in the galaxy.

The story begins after a Galactic Bounty Hunter ship crash lands on a strange planet, with Frank and the Maw the only survivors. The journey for the odd pair starts after Frank is afraid to travel alone so he hooks The Maw to a plasma leash. They set out towards a communication tower, trying to stay a step ahead of the bounty hunters and the strange new creatures on the planet including the Gastro, Loofer, Yums, Gloobers and even Snuffles.

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