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Anthony Severino of writes:

"When I first heard news of a Photo Gallery feature coming to the PlayStation 3 in Firmware update 2.60, my interest was instantly piqued. Especially as someone who makes full use off all the PlayStation 3's multimedia functionality."

"From a gaming standpoint there really is no use whatsoever. So there will be plenty of PS3 owners out there who call this a "useless feature". This delightful feature may not be useful for everyone, but that doesn't take away from the sheer quality of this application. If this is what Sony is capable of application-wise then I really cannot understand why they haven't released applications like this, or other simple apps, such as a calender or calculator for the PSP. This also has me looking forward to and welcoming future additions to the XMB. I guess my only minor issue is that there should be some support to import snapshots from a PS Eye (I swear it's like Sony forgot about the PS Eye). Maybe we will see some type of integration when the rumored EyeCreate 2 is released."

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chaosatom3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Don't call it a review. imo.

Say something like "A look at what Photo gallery features/offers"
but other than that, that was a fast and goes in good detail.

I really do hope that Sony releases more of these kinds of Free apps. They could get together with Google to create some fun stuff.

Close_Second3654d ago

...if it would work with my external HDD which I use with my PS3.

thereapersson3654d ago

Yeah, I don't understand why Sony can't integrate media on servers and external storage devices with the features in the PS3. You can't listen to music in games from external sources, and many features are disabled unless the media is on the internal harddrive.

It's really a damn annoying issue, IMO...

Dir_en_grey3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I would advise not downloading this yet until they've patched it.
After downloading and installing I got an error (08x00somethingsomething). After download it will sort out all your pictures but mine got stuck at 2 min left mark no matter how many times I've tried.
After I've restarted my PS3 it took about 10 minutes to re-arrange all the files on my PS3 apparently. No problem there, but afterwards it erased all the "Folder" names in both my Pictures and Downloaded games. My music folder names were intact though.

So if you have alot of picture files and games and they were sorted out by your own renamed folders, they would all resort back to the original month/date/format/all/folder options, and you would need to rename every single file to put them in the right folders you want again.

I had thousands of files of manga scans on my PS3 and the folders were all messed up so I had to delete them. Photo Gallery is a nice feature that sorts the pictures out by date, but it's nothing u will need to see right away. Wait til they patch and fix this problem before downloading it.

Shmapanese3654d ago

and btw i love this application and am looking forward for future apps along the way as well. :)


INehalemEXI3654d ago

Yup, works great. I spent a couple hours copying pics from my PC HDD via media server/TVersity. Then made a playlist and watched a slideshow with custom music with no problem.

LeShin3654d ago

I have to say this is a brilliant app!!! Looks slick as hell and seems to work flawlessly with all my 1025 photos :)

Hope they make a custom app up for my music collection.

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