Even MORE Killzone 2 screenshots and artwork

Yesterday we saw a bunch of new screenshots, artwork and renders from Killzone 2, but today we get to see the rest of the collection. New renders with Sev, Visari, and new screenshots from the multiplayer emerge today.

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-GametimeUK-3654d ago

I actually really like the artwork... It compliments the realism of the graphics well and makes it rather believable at the same time... Not as good as other games art but that doesnt stop KZ2's art from being great too...

3654d ago
-GametimeUK-3654d ago

huh? how was complimenting a games art trolling?
I dont think you have a PS3 either :-)

3654d ago
pixelsword3654d ago

...and everyone's entitled to their own opinion, as long as they don't try to speak from a position of authority; meaning to say something "is" or "isn't" something without proper experience,training, or at least examples to prove a point is a little overbearing to hear; especially since the internet is full of 'experts'.

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MURKERR3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

im getting bored,we still got a month to go i feel ive seen everything without even playing the game

TheOutsider3654d ago

WOW!! Are you sure this isn't ps4? Awesome!