New Hitachi GDR-3120L Drive Spotted

It seems as if the BenQ manufactured drives are not the only new brands of drive to hit the Xbox 360. Reports suggest that there is a new Hitachi-LG on the prowl and it DOES NOT work with firmware toolbox v3.0.

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weekapaugh4258d ago

...and there is still hardware issues? My 360 isn't a month old and is noisy as f*ck.

weekapaugh4258d ago

i have both, the PS3 is totally silent. the 360 is loud as hell.

BIadestarX4258d ago

I agree with PS3 Fan. There is no point on [email protected]#$# all day long about the 360. All you have to do is get rid of the xbox 360 and buy yourself a PS3. Seriously, there is no point on having something you are not happy with; only idiots do that.

nicodemus4258d ago

This story is about the -- XBOX 360 -- Could you people maybe start taking comments like that elsewhere? Maybe the PS3 side? Or maybe to an article that deals with both 360 AND PS3? Rampant fanboyism is the reason people have been limited to bubbles. So maybe in the future, try thinking before typing...

Rocky Balboa4258d ago

The ps3 is the loudest of all.

Get over it !

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