How to Use a Free Registry Cleaner To Speed Up Your Computer

What is your computer's registry and why do you need to clean it? On a Windows based PC the registry is like the nerve center and when it goes haywire your computer bogs down. Here is how to clean and repair it.

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Lord Anubis3556d ago

What Registry Cleaner do you guys use?
I have Ashampoo

and RegCure

they both give me different errors. I don't know if they fabricate the errors or if they really work differently.


TheHater3556d ago

the both work differently.

Finalfantasykid3556d ago

I used to use CCleaner, but now I use Registry Mechanic. It has a few extra features for maximizing your computer's performance than CCleaner does.

RM is something you have to buy though. Luckly my dad bought it, and was allowed 3 computers to use the program :D

SiLeNt KNighT3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

yeah I use CCleaner, I also use Advanced Windows Care. has them for free... ill post the links at the bottom and hope n4g auto shortens it cause its kinda long. Never had a problem yet but I would definitely make a backup of your registry in ccleaner, Windows Advanced Care or spybot s&d. better safe than sorry. I just did some things to my computer...mainly vista that really helped out with speed. Ive been using vista for over a year and just now changed this stuff. works like a new cpu though!

Charlie26883556d ago

I use Registry Mechanic

I recommend anyone that feels like there PC is acting kind of weird to try one you will be surprised how much crap goes on in the registry and how many errors you might have cuz of it

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v1c1ous3556d ago

the speed at which it runs now makes me want to put my main pc on the backburner.

holidaymell3556d ago

I'm not quite sure how this works but i'm willing to give it a try and hope I dont screw things up. Y do u have to back up the registry?

Lord Anubis3556d ago

Why do you have to back up your registry?

Well the world is not perfect and neither is software. Because the registry is very important in the event that an "orphaned" key is deleted in error it could screw up some stuff. So you simply restore to make things work again. Also. I create restore points before messing with something.

ChrisGTR13556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

i have vista does this work on here also? its not really that slow.

omfg, i just downloaded abexo free or w.e its called and it says vista not compatible... damn it!

kcdude3556d ago

Most registry cleaners I've used, always seem to mess up the computer. CCleaner is one that has not ever messed anything up for me, but it does not seem as thorough as some of the others available for download.

Sircolby453556d ago

CCleaner probably takes a more better safe than sorry approach. Personally when it comes to the registry I would rather it miss a few than delete too many.

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