Game Informer: Skate 2 Review

Game Informer: "As rewarding as this game is, it hands out a fair share of aggravating moments. Every car doubles as the car from Christine, looking for the chance to splatter you on the asphalt. Pedestrians are aware of you now, and will jump out of your way more often, but they still get in your way, potentially killing a video-worthy moment. While these elements need to be addressed more than they have, the biggest killer in this game is the respawn system. After a huge bail, you could find yourself respawning at the base of a hill, in a wedge, or on the top of an awning that will make you bail when you drop. The logic behind this is that in the fairness of realism you can use the new walk maneuver to get yourself back to where you need to be. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and you are forced to restart the event. The new walk maneuver isn't wasted, however. Being able to walk upstairs and hop over ledges removes some of the frustration associated with the lay of the land."

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legendkilla3654d ago

its a pretty fun demo! i like the Thrasher hall of meat!