Gamespot: The Maw Developer Q&A

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at PAX 2008, The Maw is set to eat everything it can when it hits Xbox Live Arcade January 21. In the game, Frank, an unassuming blue alien, has crash-landed on a beautiful planet with the bubbly purple blob known as the Maw. In order to explore and progress through the lush environment to find his way home, Frank needs the Maw's eating abilities to solve puzzles. While being dragged on a plasma leash, this walking bobblehead will eat almost anything it comes in contact with, gaining in size and sometimes learning a specific skill to help Frank get past deadly piranhas or other harmful obstacles. Both characters exude an enormous amount of personality and charm, so Gamespot decided to talk to Michael Wilford, CEO and software engineer at Twisted Pixel, to find out more about their lovable alien friends.

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