Evil Avatar: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep. 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The first episode of the Penny Arcade Adventures series was greeted with a warm critical and fan response. People enjoyed the combat, had a bit of a laugh and were, in all, delighted by a game some felt may have been overpriced. The second game continues the story and retains the gameplay structure of the first. Undoubtedly this is mere convention when it comes to episodic titles but the move has worked out well for "Episode 2"."

The Good

* Humor seeps into every aspect of the game and provides a welcome change in tone after a very serious Christmas gaming period.
* The battle system has been refined with blocking less about luck and more about careful enemy observation.
* Delivers an episodic experience like we were all promised back when it was a buzz word.
* Great value for money with a healthy 5-6 hours of gameplay time.

The Bad

* It's still really only going to be Penny Arcade fans that get a kick out of a lot of the game as characters aren't given deep enough explanation for newcomers.
* Less new combat content than would have been welcome.
* A puzzling mini-game played about half-way through is a bit of a chore despite the presence of Twisp and Catsby.

The Ugly

* Prongs.

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