PS3 FW 2.60 Is Now Live

The PS3 firmware 2.60 is now live.

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legendkilla3655d ago

the slowest download ever!!! wow half hour to get 14% done. it must be bogging down the servers cuz its so slow.....

ThanatosDMC3655d ago

I'm on 11% It's been 15 minutes.

Watching the Killzone 2 interview... really interesting.

red5ive3655d ago

one of the fastest i've seen, considering all the supposed features listed on previous posts.

Spike473655d ago

LOL, I let my sister borrow my PS3 again, I will never learn.

BrunoM3654d ago


did you ever read the bible ? come onn its one of the 11 commandments ..

#11 - You Shal not lend your Playstation branded System to NO ONE !

(is number 11 because god wasent sure if it should make it number 1 so it gave it 2 nimber 1s lol)

birdstyles3654d ago

Holy crap... that guy has gotta be drunk

BrunoM3654d ago

come on its a joke duh!!

DavidMacDougall3655d ago

Damn it. This is the first firmware update i've missed because my ps3 is to advanced for its own good! Damn it if only it had a DVD drive instead of a blu-Ray one

DavidMacDougall3655d ago

My Blu-Ray drive failed and im without a ps3 for the first time since launch and now im missing firmware updates and games

Nick2120043655d ago

I wish that Sony would focus more on the gamers and not focus as much on things gamers will not use.

Rockwallaby3655d ago

Your not the only person in the world

Nick2120043655d ago

I mean honestly, who will use this feature consistently?

Raoh3655d ago

its a double edged sword. i like my ps3 gaming console also for its non gaming features.

if it were only gaming updates i would be upset that there aren't enough updates like Life with Playstation, Photo Gallery etc..

there just needs to be balance is all. we are throwing my mom a surprise bday party at my place next week. my brother is going to scan all of my moms old photos and we are going to have some fun with the gallery at the party.

i also use the interactive screensavers with playstation eye during parties.

schitthammer3655d ago

I'm sure a lot of gamers like myself will use this. I just finished playing around with the Photo Gallery and it's really great sitting down with the family and going through photos. The "sort by" features are pretty good (sorting by age, and amount of people in the picture is really neat). There have been a lot of non-gaming updates to the PS3 in the last year and I'm sure a lot of us would rather have them than not. Like BD-Live and DivX. I personally think it's awesome for them to add stuff like this, and I know everyone wants cross-game chat and hopefully things like that do get added at some point. I'm sure Sony knows what people want to see in the future from the comments on the PlayStation.Blog.

Dark-Angel093655d ago

I'm a gamer. And I like the fact that I can use my PS3 for more than just gaming. Photo Gallery is a pretty good feature in my opinion.

Nick2120043655d ago

I understand it is cool right now but what about in a month? Would'n t you rather spend the time and money doing something like improving Home, or adding a cool application gaming related?

Bell Boy3655d ago

I dropped $500 on this sweet machine and I love the gaming experience it has delivered for nearly 2 years, but at the price the ps3 is far and above just a gaming machine and I want every multi media that sony can dream up. This one will get some in my house that's for sure.

Just because you don't want this feature doesn't mean a many others will appreciate it. Frankly I couldn't give a damn about cross game chat (I certainly would not pay a subscription for it) but if sony brings it in future great, you won't catch me on here moaning about them bringing a free update. 20 million users have a wide range of tastes and it seems to me sony are trying to bring out as varied experience as they can possibly do.

steel213655d ago

I purchased my PS3 to be a multimedia beast along with a killer gaming platform and both parts have served me equally as well

DJ3655d ago

The Firmware team is completely independent. Complain all you want, but some people don't use cross-game messaging either. Just be happy that we continue to get these firmware updates once every two months.

Microsoft Xbox 3603654d ago

I don't know why your complaining. We do have updates related to gaming. Maybe not in this firmware update. An update is better than no update. This is Sony they have separate teams doing separate things for the PS3. Its not like they use all their resources into one project at a time. Think!

C_SoL3654d ago

What took Sony so long to implement these features.

It shouldn't take that long.

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