Americas Sales for the Week Ending January 10, 2009

Another quiet week for software and hardware sales. It does look like there are some notable trends to watch though, with Xbox 360 and Wii likely to reach 200m units of software sold in the Americas at about the same time.

Wii - 181,875
DS - 87,922
Xbox 360 - 103,281
PSP - 64,661
PS3 - 72,395
PS2 - 34,203

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JhawkFootball063562d ago

Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 again.... *yawn*
who knew?

Jamegohanssj53562d ago

ROFLMAO! You guys are killing me.


Why dis3562d ago

I was thinking the same thing about the sales figures ROFLMAO!


rroded3562d ago

whats with that anyways i mean the 360 is actually cheaper and twice the as powerful at least...

Danja3562d ago

DS and PSP figures are low.....even though the DS is experiencing shortages..

The 360 sales are beginning to slow a little also..while the PS3 has remained consistent..

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dylantalon3562d ago

thats actually bad news for xbox 360. ps3 sold extremely well compared to the xbox 360 because the xbox 360 is half the price of a ps3 and this is the americas which is full of more xbox fanboys and bias media against ps3. what will happen when the ps3 has a price drop? ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

ps. the talon stands for talented.

JhawkFootball063562d ago

PRICE DOES NOT ALL MATTER! THERE CAN ONLY BE A NUMBER OF PPL TO BUY CONSOLES!!! WHEN PS3 SUDDENLY SLASH THEIR PRICES 50,000 people are just going to decide, hey i think i will get a ps3. Its to late for a price cut to have that big of an effect

panasonic233562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

u fail so hard their 50milion ps2 sold in america alone lol their more people with ps3 in america then japan yeah i guess japan are bais against ps3&xbox360 going by your logic the only consoles selling in japan is the wii.

PotNoodle3562d ago

It worked for the 360..

Bathyj3562d ago

Exactly, 360 didn't suddenly come out of life support because of the slew of good games, thats for damn sure.

Funky Town_TX3562d ago

The PS3 is cheaper because Sony said so. Remember the 360 was suppose to go to ZERO sales in fall of 06.

thebudgetgamer3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

who actually said that? or did you just make that up


v1c1ous3562d ago

PS2 launched at $299.99 in the US (Oct 26, 2000)
1.5 years later (May 14, 2002) it dropped to $199.99 (-$100)
1 year later (May 13, 2003) it dropped to $179.99 (-$20)
1 year later (May 11, 2004) it dropped to $149.99 (-$30)
2 years later (April 20th, 2006) it dropped to $129.99 (-$20)

So, it dropped a total of $170 over 5.5 years in 4 price drops.

360 launched at $399.99 in the US (Nov 22, 2005)
2 years later (Aug 8, 2007) it dropped to $349.99 (-$50)
1 year later (September, 2008) it dropped to $299.99 (-$50)

So, it has so far dropped a total of $100 over 3 years in 2 price drops. the 360 is just now at the ps2 introductory price. no more room left eh?

Sitdown3562d ago

Bubbles for the research!

The same way you can say that the ps3 sold well despite being twice the price, one could spin that...and say that the 360 sold very well for being a year older than all the other consoles and having the RROD fiasco still basically that argument is sort of tired, because they balance out.

callahan093562d ago


You'd do well to compare the PS2 to the 360 Core/Arcade , not the Pro. You'll notice that the Core started at 299 (same as PS2), and now it's at that 199 price that was the sweet spot for the PS2. So it's NOT now at the PS2's introductory price. The comparable base model (now known as the Arcade unit) is 199, the price of the PS2 after its major reduction, the point at which its sales started to take off like a rocket.

But the 360 didn't take off like the PS2 did when it reached that price. The Wii is still the power-seller in this market. The 360 can only drop a total of $70 more without going to a lower price than the PS2 is RIGHT NOW after over 8 years on the market. That means they really don't have that much farther to go. If they were to need to make price drops like that, they'd probably just kill the Arcade unit so that they don't end up selling a 360 for as cheap as (or cheaper than) the PS2, and reduce the price of the Hard-Drive models.

If they wanted the Pro to go to $199, then they'd have to drop the Arcade to PS2 price levels to make it worthwhile for anybody not to get the Pro version, but they can't offer it for that cheap, it just screams desperation, so they'd have to eliminate the Arcade model, which is something they also wouldn't do at this point in the game. So I think what I'm getting at here is that, no, the 360 doesn't have a lot more room to drop its price without being highly desperate.

soxfan20053562d ago

So, there are about 100 million PS1 and PS2 owners in the US, plus millions of PSP owners, and you think the US is full of only Xbox fanboys? Also, since when does being ahead of your main competitor constitute "life support"? I know what the response will be already - "PS3 was outselling 360 this year until the price drop". Well, price drops happen. It is not MS's fault that Sony couldn't drop it's price as well. This year, Sony will probably drop it's price, then MS will probably do the same later in the year. That's how it always works.

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Xheratuul3562d ago

the ratio of sales between ps3 and 360 is starting to get lower again

Spike473562d ago

it actually favors the PS3 sales becuase the xbox360 has had a huge price cut and this is showing the PS3 is starting to come back up just like before.

However, as I stated before I wouldn't trust Vgcharts either way.

Kratos2153562d ago

Will be low after the holidays since they stuff the supply channels during that time to make it look like they sold more than they actually did.

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