Cancelled "dark Wii game" revealed - Winter

For a number of months, IGN teased a "secret dark Wii game." In the last Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, Matt Casamassina unfortunately stated that the game had been canceled. Now the first details on the game - Winter - have been revealed, including pictures. Perhaps the most important bit of information is that the developers still want to release the game if publishers show interest.

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Jtcp3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Sign the petition and lets get this project a publisher this year!!!


ChemicalWorld3561d ago

This is exactly the reason why I've lost all respect for Nintendo in recent years. Casual market *grumble*

ChickeyCantor3561d ago

You make little sense, i mean fatal frame is also here?
Cursed mountain?...

You lost respect because they canceled a game =/

TO bad i liked what i saw, maybe they pick it up again?

Durffen3560d ago

Fatal Frame STILL has yet to be given a US release date. Cursed Mountain? That could be a long ways off.

Really, the lack of core Wii games is making core owners like You and I a little frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash the Wii or anything. And I know there are plenty of great games coming out such as The Conduit (my most anticipated game of the year), MadWorld, Monster Hunter 3, and plenty more. But every time a "core" game like this for Wii gets canceled, it's just very disappointing because the Wii needs as many core games as they can get to keep core gamers interested.

ChickeyCantor3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Durffen, my point is that he basically hates Nintendo for a third party mistake...

I blame the developers not Nintendo. They should have just finished it.

animboo3561d ago

only a handful of hardcore wii games exist, then they do this? what the hell.. another potential great/average/mediocre game down the drain..

ChemicalWorld3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I've lost respect for Nintendo due to them ignoring their hardcore user base. Its not like they'd lose customers by putting out some hardcore games out once in awhile, then again "Cute Puppies" probably best sums up Nintendo these days.

EDIT: Bah was meant to reply in my own message lol

BeNice3561d ago

And that nintendo caters onyl to its casual user base please point to how many causla games nintendo has made besides wii play and wii fit. Wii fit is enjoyed even by hardcore gamers because it still plays like a game. The simplified casual complaint against Heavy Rain, the ps3's hyped title for this year.

It requires no gaming skill to play accordding to the designers. It is entirely relient on QTEs. Wii fit can't be beaten unless you complete the challenge so it is more of a game then HEavy Rain.

This article only proves that developers want to develop for the wii and that thrid party publisheers stonewall them by trying to build the kiddy stigma for the wii. They want to force out more mini games and casual crap content. They don't want to take the risk to be different.

It isn't nintendo that is responsible for the crap the wii gets it is the third party. My question to anyone who defends the tech perspective as being advancing games? HOw in the hell has the gameplay in any of your games changed? It has only improved the graphios.

Even Killzone , it plays just like every other fps from almost every single video I have managed to watch. So tech hasn't led to new gameplay ideas then what are we in gaming for? Obviously not the gameplay with the current direction.

We'll just constantly improve graphics and run the different genres into the ground before we explore new concepts then shall we?

Have fun with that. I am selling my ps3 after having barely used it too. Awesome right.All fo you love to talk about wiis gathering dust and being sold. I am selling my ps3.

Let me point out never say nintendo abandoned 'hardcore gamers' cos despite how much i try I do fall into that category and i don't agree with people views when they associate that term. And not just me there are more people on here who don't agree. An i bet there are a few million who don't agree with it either.

Again you always wonder about the horrors of the wii winning, I have thought about the horrors of the wii losing. A graphical step back is more aceptable than being stuck with stagnated , copy-paste gamplay spread across different titles that only differ by publisher or title. Sony and MS have yet to do something fresh in any genre. They create new ips that fit the mold that other games already fill.

Also going to more sales data. Nintendo was responsible for a little over 49% of software sales this year and responsible for the major portion of hardware sales. Almost every single analyst has stated that nintendo saved the game industry and that without them the industry would have been caught in the recession and dragged to the bottom. Where is your hardcore companies when they have to save the industry? Where was sony ? Where was MS? They don't care about the game industry so much as making sure they make money on their consoles to maintain or build themselves into the multimedia gods of your living rooms. Nintendo cares about the gmaing indutry and is determined to keep it alive because that's all it is invested in unlike sony or ms. Nintendo has designed its console based around the idea that the gaming market is crumbling and shrinking as IWata has stated before and Data continues to prove if you look at japan in Particular.

What went wrong with gamers ?they would rather b e enjoying PC ports rather than full -fledged games developed for consoles. How pathtic is that. Gmaing hs become all about ebing bad ass and getting the msot headshots. Both were part of the pc realm and now look where that is, its barely keeping its bhead baove water what with all its technological prowess and barriers to entry draggin it down to the bottom.

Also if you want a smal look into the future NIntendo has often been criticized for first party domination, and by the looks of it nintendo will pass that torch to sony who will have fans who carry it proudly to its grave.

I must alwys end with this because people assume I am a afanboy rather than jsut a gamer who hates to see consoles gaming become just a hobby for people who can't afford to upgrade their pcs contsnatly. No original games or different ideas whatsoever form the svaiors of the hardcore over the last two years and nothing forseeable for the next year. I hate nintendo's friend codes, I hate sony's direction even though i love my ps2, I hate microsoft and it forcing gaming to be a tech comepetition rather than an originality competition.

Apologies for the long post as always.

N4g_null3560d ago

Great post Be nice. I read the whole thing. If you don't understand Benice then you are not really into console gaming.

Gr813560d ago

How do you only have four bubbles? Sidar give this man some bubbles!

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