Warhawk to Become Multiplayer-Only?

Since PlayStation 3 was originally unveiled at E3 2005, we've been lead to believe that Sony's been leading a crusade to resurrect Warhawk on the platform. It was also shown at Tokyo Game Show last fall, though we've heard nothing about the game since.

Apparently, that's about to change; 1up's own Sam Kennedy's off to Salt Lake City to check out the game's progress, and it may be headed in a whole new direction: a multiplayer-only downloadable available via the PlayStation Network.

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HungPHAT4282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

I think it wouldn't be a downloadable game , seams like a really big download that would take up alot of space , but maybe sony has something up there sleeve for online play, until then XBOX LIVE OWNS THEM

THAMMER14282d ago (Edited 4282d ago )

WHAT is GOING on here. Things that make you go Hmm.

CAPS LOCK4282d ago

yea it would be abot 4-9gb. i reall wanted to play this game, i was seriously considering in buying this game, it looked fun and the graphics were great. but now i will hve to wait for loong for it, unless they super compress it then we can extract it somehow...i smell a firmware update.

God of Gaming4282d ago

Something doesnt seem right with this game. I am willing to bet that the direction of the game needed to change due to quality. Too bad because I did enjoy the first one wayyyyyy back on the PS1

Sphinx4282d ago

What is so seriously wrong with the game that it keeps going through all these transformations?

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The story is too old to be commented.