Gaming Heaven : Fable II:Knothole Island Review

John Erikson writes "The free download is rather disappointing as it is a mixture of small items to basically peak your interest into downloading the full package for 800 points. You aren't able for instance to access Knothole Island and initiate the campaigns and quests even though it is strangely named "Knothole Island". Even more confusingly you do have to download the free pack if you wish to play Fable II co-op with anyone else who has downloaded either of the packs. To play cooperatively through the Knothole Island quests both players must have purchased the 800 point Microsoft pack.

The items that are supplied with the free download bundle are Solar Shielding Spectacles, Knothole Island Vol 1, Knothole Knight Boots, Assassin Gloves and Burned Calorie Potion. This is really a taster pack for the paid for Knothole Island premium bundle."

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