Aussies and Europeans fume over PS3 price

There is a bit of a barny brewing over the price of Sony's PS3 which will ship in some places at a much higher price than Japan and the US.
It seems that Australians will have to pay £400 while the Europeans will have to stump up £425. The Japanese only had to pay £253.531 and the US £307.72.

Sony is bending over backwards to justify the huge price difference. It claims that in the case of Australia it is because the nation is too small compared to the US.

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CAPS LOCK4283d ago

the 360 in the UK is 270 pounds and in the USA it work out at $540

the wii in the UK is 180 pounds and in the USA it works out at $360

the ps3 in the UK is 425 pounds and in the USA it works out at $850

so here in the UK we are payimg for things even more than other countries and i didn't even include our tax (17.5 percent) so stop moaning, if you cant afford it then you can pay in installments like for 35 a month. otherwise play ur SNES.

PureGamer4283d ago

most people are who are buying one its such a bloody huge price, lucky for me i look at the kit what is being sold not the company who is selling it otherwise i wouldent buy any console

EnforcerOfTheTruth4283d ago

And I'm not buddy cause it's nothing new. You pay $399 for 360, we pay €399. It's with evereything like that, so why should this change with the PS3? This article is a good example of how everybody is much more critcal about Sony. I don't remember such articles when the 360 or any other product launched, well maybe besides the PS2 ;-)

Die_Sloe064283d ago

How can you justify bumping the price up in a country that happens to have a smaller population then the U.S. or Japan? I know XBox was straight across the board.

This is just bad marketing for Sony, and there is no other way to cut it. If this continues, it wont be so much the other consoles defeating Sony, but Sony defeating itself. Ouch.

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The story is too old to be commented.