PS2 backups running on PS3 via HDD!

A hacker who goes by ifcaro has released his version of PS3 USBADVANCE which allows us to boot PS2 games on PS3 via HDD.

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YoMeViet4664d ago

wow really tempted to download this, I have a 60GB model just like his so it would work....but...the risk of getting my PS3 banned for life is totally not worth it since I play CoD4/R2 alot online. Not to mention KZ2 coming out soon. Yep tempting, but no thanks.

Simon_Brezhnev4664d ago

not sure if u would get banned i just think they will do a firmware upgrade

Eromu4664d ago

Need a Japanese PS3 anyways.

Mindboggle4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Cant they make some homebrew that doesnt need a swap magic disc, but as long as they dont pirate PS3 games im not fussed. PS2 software discs are gradually falling in sales and have sold what they are going to, so this isnt really hurting anyone. Plus you can use your original PS2 disc to create backups.

If Sony could make an official way of loading your PS1/PS2 games to hardrives it would be brilliant.

HDgamer4663d ago

For everything else there is master card. You can buy a ps2 with swap magic for only $150 and that ends all the fuss.

Maddens Raiders4663d ago

"1.4 - The chance of you bricking the ps3 priceless
For everything else there is master card. You can buy a ps2 with swap magic for only $150 and that ends all the fuss."

lmfao - great comment

rockleex4663d ago

Use CogSwap instead.

The cost of CogSwap... priceless. Seriously though, its free. ^_^

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Fishy Fingers4664d ago

Japanese console only and a new firmware is coming in a matter of hours.

Kushan4663d ago

The new firmware likely wont fix this. The 2.60 firmware will have been completed weeks ago, long before this was announced because they have to do lots of testing and such. If it IS possible to fix this (As I believe it's exploiting the PS2 stuff), expect it to be fixed with a 2.61 update.

tatotiburon4663d ago

every BR frmware updates had been hacked by we can see now that this updates means s.....

_Q_4664d ago

What good is that to US owners?

St04664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

"A version for the PAL region will follow soon."

I guess NTSC will be the same

Xulap4664d ago

Ehr, the source is down.
I can't download it.

jericho254663d ago

lol everysingle ps3 hacker has been waiting for this day FLOOOOOOOOOOOOODD

socomnick4663d ago

Hell yea I cant wait to mod my ps3, ill finally get some use out of it. I aint paying for no ps3 games.

rockleex4663d ago

Good luck playing pirated PS3 games, because this is only for PS2 games.

Vitalogy4664d ago


I have a 60Gb model and i can play psone and ps2 game without this. Just need to insert the discs and play ;D

Xulap4664d ago

You deserve a trophy for that.

Natsu894663d ago

yeah and we all have a 60 gb ps3 -.-
I need the emu from sony or this stupid hdd loader!
My ps2 broke and i dont want to spend money for a new one duh!

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The story is too old to be commented.