Sony will temporally fix out of warranty PS3's without any costs

PS3-Sense writes "A few weeks ago the Dutch program called Radar has run a special about the PS3, and claimed that after a year, the Blu-ray drive of the system just stops working. Their evidence for this claim is that they have received 300 reports of this from PS3 owners in the Netherlands.

Now, a few weeks later Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux announced that because of the special in the dutch tv program, they will temporally fix PS3's, which don't have warranty anymore, with broken Blu-ray drives without any extra costs. They also claimed that they won't expand the warranty from one year to two years in the Benelux."

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Nathan Drake3803d ago

And with 18 Million+ working Playstation 3 consoles out there,the 300 claims they received are definitely accurate.


mint royale3803d ago

Who knows it could have been a faulty batch. Although that does seem alot as ps3 fault rates are with the wii -ie. well within industry standards.

pswi603803d ago

Sony - receives 300 complaints, fixes the problem

Microsoft - knows about the problems beforehand, releases faulty harware to the public anyways

But yeah you 360 fanboys keep telling yourself Sony is the problem

Mike134nl3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Netherlands has a population between 16-17 millione people.

Also by european law durable products (cars, wachines) must have a minimum of a 2 year guarantee.

With a life expectensee of I hope 10 years they might need to reconsider. Though looking at lfespan of other consoles (xbox360,ps1) might be reason why 2 year guarantee is not required (on consoles in general).

Foxgod3803d ago

YEah 16 ~17 million, and 500 of them own a ps3, netherlands = wii land.

chaosatom3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

It falls outside the warranty Period and Sony accepts it to try to fix the situation.

I wonder what Microsoft would do? :)

silvacrest3803d ago

your pathetic trolling needs work fox

Dopee3803d ago

My BD drive broke the other day a couple of days out of warranty and got fixed for free! Woo!

mint royale3803d ago

what would they do?

Would they demand your house in return for it being fixed?

Would they demand you sacrifice a lamb?

Come on, the opinion of microsoft is teh evils!!! is vastly overexaggerated on this site. All companies are bastar ds equally!

MazzingerZ3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Nederlands should be the official quality lab to test consoles... X360 or PS3, it doesn't matter...they always find something wrong with them

AAACE53802d ago

Why are you guys doing damage control? It is a consumer product like anything else. There will be some bad ones just like people may get a bad Ipod, a bad HDTV, a bad car, etc. It happens.

See this site and all the fanboyism is starting to drive people crazy!

Start a peace treaty or something.

uie4rhig3802d ago

all i know, is that sony's customer service is awesome, they just replaced my 60GB (ps2 backwards compat) ps3 with a new one (after it overheated after letting it run for 3 days lol) OUTSIDE warranty :) which i find awesome of them.. took them a while to do so (coz 60GB isn't produced anymore) but i have a new 60GB with PS2 backwards compat (killzone works :) ) so i aint complaining :)

Bob Dole3802d ago

Bob Dole's went out almost exactly a year after he bought it... it was still in warranty though and they sent him a fixed one in 6 days :)

jaysquared3802d ago

That's good Sony is stepping out the plate on this problem which has been the most frequently reported problem out there for the PS3. When the PS2 had this problem(which mine and my cousin did) they didn't do squat! Both SOny and M$ have taken care of their customers in providing better warranties for their consoles.

thesummerofgeorge3802d ago

My 60 gig Ps3's bluray drive crapped out on me after almost a year as well... It was a launch ps3 pretty much. Sony told me they'd replace it with a refurbished ps3 cause it had a month left on the warranty, but it would cost me $200, so I said fck it and bought a new 40 gig, I was not pleased.

Bob Dole3802d ago

$200? That's bullsh1t! Maybe they just knew it was Bob Dole so they replaced his for free.

AAACE53802d ago

That's the same reason I bought so many Ps2's!

When my first Ps2 went out cause of a disc read error, I called Sony about it and they said to send it to Farmington hills, Michigan and it would cost me $140. I figured it would be a waste to spend so much for a repair and just bought a new one every time it happened.

I did the same thing with the 360. When my launch went out, I called MS and they told me I would have to pay for a repair, so I just traded it in like in the past and paid the difference. My second 360 started acting funny after a year. I got paranoid and traded it in before it broke. Now the one I got just got the three lights.

I guess there's just some kind of bad luck for a second system made by a company. I went through 5 ps2's and 3 360's.

I think my issues with the Ps2 are the reason's I haven't bought a Ps3 yet. And I think my issues with the 360 might create the same problem for the next MS console.

uie4rhig3801d ago

why the hell did i get a disagree? i think i know best what really happened with me and customer service ¬¬
i call bullshit, coz sony only charges (in the US) $140 for a broken PS3..

thesummerofgeorge3800d ago

I live in Canada, so you can stuff your bullsht's in a sack. You think I make this stuff up for fun? It WAS $200, you are ignorant of what you speak.

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-GametimeUK-3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Looks like MS are not the only people to have a defective console
Actually the RROD issue is not that big a deal now and I hear more people complaining about broken blu-ray drives than broken 360's which I find funny...

I actually think broken blu-ray drives is a bigger issue than RROD these days

Nathan Drake3803d ago

The problem with your argument is we don't believe you.

UnSelf3803d ago

Guys like u wait around ur cpu's like Thomas Anderson waitin 4 articles like dis so u can eat sh!t like dis up don't u? 1 article compared to an entire database of complaints about RROD and u saw the problem is prevalent in ps3's. How long r ur arms cuz u really r reachin

yojoe263803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

" Actually the RROD issue is not that big a deal now and I hear more people complaining about broken blu-ray drives than broken 360's which I find funny...

I actually think broken blu-ray drives is a bigger issue than RROD these days."

*looks very long and hard at you*.....nice please excuse me while I laugh myself into cardiac arrest....

pswi603803d ago

i thought it would take longer for an xbox fanboy to post in here and spin this, but i was wrong.

just keep telling yourself RROD isn't or wasn't that bad, and also keep telling yourself you aren't biased cause you own both consoles (allegedly)

silvacrest3803d ago

why even bother with your comments? especially BS like this?

even you cant seriously believe them

-GametimeUK-3803d ago


actually I own all 3... allegedly

man0fsteel3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

33% failure rate

27,000,000 X .33 = 8,910,000.. (even if its not 33% of 27,000,000 its still very much over a million Xbox 360 consoles affected)


300 faulty PS3's in this case.
The RROD fiasco will ALWAYS dwarf any hardware issue that the PS3 had, is having, or will have.

Stop claiming that you have a PS3 as if you are just for saying all of this malarchy...

Bob Dole3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Lets see, RROD makes the console brick out completely.... whereas broken BD-DRIVE makes you not be able to play PS3 games but the system still turns on and whatnot.... so... how is it a bigger issue again??

JHUX3802d ago

lol gametime. If that statement will help you sleep better at night then right on, who cares if there is any truth to it.

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MGOelite3803d ago

believe it or not my m8s ps3 broke yesterday, they are sending him a freebie on the 28th january even though its 10 months out of warranty, gud customer service if ya ask me, just a stright swap at your doorstep

bujasem_893803d ago

this is a total spam im sorry but i need to know wat happned to the ICO(shadow of the colossus) romur that surfaced and said it was going to be announced on 1/1/2009 well were cloce to FEB and still nothin pls someone respond to this its important dontya think?

Nathan Drake3803d ago

By providing free fixes to systems that broke under unique conditions and individual circumstances,Sony are proving to the electronic world why they are still the ones to beat.

Foxgod3803d ago

Yeah, 300 whole units, but when a big company does everything in its power to fix 2 million units, its all of a sudden a crap statement.

mint royale3803d ago

the only console manufacturer never to have had problems with its consoles is nintendo. Combine that with a first class customer service means they are the ones to beat.

Not to put sony down as this is a nice gesture from their part, because of course they did not have to fix these ps3's.

Foxgod3803d ago

Yup, i praise nintendo *hugs his wii*

PirateThom3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )


Have you ever had a NES? The cartidge slots were notorious for wearing to the point of making games unplayable... people started manufactuering slots out of better materials so they'd stop wearing.

Or the WiiConnect24 overheating issues? (although, this was probably projected into a bigger deal than it was)

Foxgod3803d ago

Man, the NES was like 100 years ago, it definitely is from a past age gone by.

Hardly an argument to use a console as an example that existed when the games market was hardly mature.

mint royale3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

but the issues you pointed out were not huge issues. Simply taking care of my NES worked for me as I knew cartridge slots in general are prone to breaking for conspicuous reasons like dust. My point was on a whole nintendo are the only company around today that has not had a fuss made about the lack of reliability of its products.

For sony the ps2 were tough as many people complained of issues such as disk drives. My only failure was a ps2 sadly. However credit to sony they have cleaned up these issues with the ps3.

Microsoft - well I don't think I need to say much on this that hasn't been done to death. At least their hardware revisions are designed to cure the problems so props for that.

EDIT: wiiconnect24? Come on now! If your trying to prove to me that nintendo has made faulty products because of that it shows me you are stretching for material. That was hardly a long lasting or widespread problem.

PirateThom3803d ago

Oh believe me, I think Nintendo make great products, every Nintendo console I've owned works to this day, but they're not perfect either because it's still electronics. I do agree though, Nintendo will always win in reliability, someone there is a genius when it comes to overall design.

Mr_Bun3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

"when a big company does everything in its power to fix 2 million units, its all of a sudden a crap statement"...

Are you delusional?...If you are referring to Microsoft, "fixing" would have required the units to be "fixed" so that they don't break again...not have to be returned 3 or 4 times...If they had truly believed that they had "fixed" RROD, then they would have given a lifetime warranty instead of 3 years for RROD. Not only to show that Microsoft actually believed that they had "fixed" the problem, but also to rid the fear that comes with buying a 360 and instill confidence in the consumers.

ArmrdChaos3803d ago

"announced that because of the special in the dutch tv program, they will temporarily fix PS3's"

In other words...the only reason they fixed these units is because it was brought to the public's attention. So you are going to tell me that they did not already have these problems on record in their customer support database, but now since it becomes public they decide to fix them all of a sudden. Also notice the term "temporarily" which means they will fix them this time (to make the story go away), but after that too bad. If there are any instances in other regions will they get fixed too?....or will there need to be tv programs in those areas also to warrant action.

Sure this was the right thing to do (after coaxing) and it is not to the same level as the previous RROD issue, but Sony is a corporation just like the rest....and like the rest they just covering their a$$e$ with this one. 300 unit repairs is a small token to pay to try and make yourself look like the white knight your not...this is PR NOT kindness.

man0fsteel3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

is extremely consistent with their hardware as well. The ONLY problems I've had is that my N64 failed only because it was refurbished and had moisture, And one of my Wii-Motes strangly caused any set of AA batteries I bought for it to decrode. That simple fix was to replace it with a new set.

All in all I have no qualms with nintendo & sony in terms of reliabilty

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kharma453803d ago

I have to say Sony's customer care is excellent. I had a launch day EU unit that died back in July (not due to the BD laser though) and I had a refurb at my doorstep in 3 days, which was actually a quieter machine than the original which was brilliant :)