Sam and Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die Review

In Sam and Max you take control of Sam a well, talking dog. And you are joined by you small furry partner Max, a talking rabbit. Sam and Max are freelance police who must save the world from a evil political plot. The game is a click adventure where your only interaction with the game world is with your mouse and the few objects you can pick up. Sam and Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln must die is the fourth episode of six that make up the first Season of Sam and Max which all have a connection story wise. In this episode you wander around two areas. One of them is your office, the neighbor hood your office is located is a strange one with neighboring stores include a irresolute store owner , a paranoid drug store owner and a Michael Jackson-ish scam artist. The second area is the White house where most of the game takes place. You can switch between the two areas freely at any time to help solve the mystery.

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