Q&A: GameTap's Rick Sanchez Responds to Your Letters

In early January, GameTap vice president of content Ricardo Sanchez wrote an editorial for Gamasutra, entitled 'Why Bother With Episodic Games?'

In it, Sanchez – who played a large role in GameTap's partnerships with both Telltale Games and 3000AD to deliver episodic games to its PC 'all you can eat' subscription-based game download service (Sam & Max: Season One and Galactic Command – Echo Squad, respectively), attempted to define exactly what an 'episodic' game is. Sanchez argued that true episodic content will not only inspire innovation in game design, but could very well be the future of game content delivery itself.

Gamasutra received a number of responses to Sanchez's article and, not content with merely passing them on to the author, brought them with them to Las Vegas for the 2007 D.I.C.E. executive summit, where they sat down with Sanchez to get his reactions.

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