Vicious Engine Approved for Xbox 360

Vicious Cycle Software announced today that the Vicious Engine has been approved for the Xbox 360 console Tools and Middleware Program.

"The Vicious Engine's entry into the Xbox 360 Tools and Middleware Program reflects our continued dedication to providing developers with the tools they need to create great games for the latest video game systems," said Eric Peterson, president at Vicious Cycle Software. "Using the Vicious Engine, developers can focus on creativity and innovation rather than worrying over technical details."

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Funky Town_TX4444d ago

now show me a "F"-ing game. Who cares about the tools. If the games don't rock it does not matter. Sounds like a PS3 press conference. Blah Blah Blah.

grifter0244444d ago

If you wanna see a game utilizing the Vicious engine look at Robotech:Invasion and SpyvsSPy.. I know they arent the best games but still they use the engine. The Vicious engine is about Graphics.. Atmosphere. There as well have been titles on the Ps2,and Gamecube.. Soo good job being lazy and not looking for them good job.